Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creepy cult propaganda for parents of children.

Yes, crush their dreams early on.....

Children, if your parents have, or are doing this to you, you're in a cult.

Run away from home.
Get the hell out of there.
You have Unca' Diacanu's permission.

You're better off being a hobo or a carnie than the grisly fate that awaits you.
That being, a clone of your creepy brainwashed parents.

Now, leave the room so I can do some grownup talk...

As for you, creepy brainwashing cult, fuck you, and the horse you rode in on.

And fuck your doornockers, and fuck your creepy newsletter where all the criminals and demon-possessed are black people.

*Grumble* I went to elementary school with a kid on my bus who's parents wouldn't let him have Transformers, or He-Man, or any of that.

Poor kid acted like live-action Butters.

The bus driver told me and my pals "his parents are religious", but wouldn't disclose the religion, like it was some fucking state secret.

Well, now I fucking know.
Hope that kid rebelled something fierce in his teens.

So, you "truth seekers", out there wanting to pick one of these nightmare cults for yourselves, leave out the Jehovah's Witnesses, cuz...they're totally anti-fun.

Shit, at least the startup-cults run by a guy out of the back of a windowless van allow indiscriminate premarital fucking.


hyla2 said...

Oh, unholy shit.

What's this? My son acting like a normal kid? Time for a shame beating!

Anyone else notice the totally non-benevolent, sneaky, manipulative cast to that mom's expression the whole time? The animator's little F-U to his Watchtower paymasters, perhaps?


hyla2 said...

Oh, and the wife would like to pass along, that if Jehovah's Witnesses didn't actually exist as a religious group, Shirley Jackson would've had to have invented them.


Diacanu said...

(Had to power down cuz of lightning for the trillionth time this week, grr!)

*Gets the Shirley Jackson reference*


Diacanu said...

Yeah, did notice how snakey the mom is...

I prefer to think it was the animator giving the finger.

If those were script notes, that the church wants moms to knowingly be conniving cows....yeesh.

...wouldn't put it past 'em...

Danny Haszard said...

Well done post!
The Watchtower is truly an Orwellian world,except it ain't just comical Jehovah's Witnesses have dogmas (ban on blood transfusions) that are deadly and get followers killed.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a fulfillment of Galatians 1:8-they 'preach a different version of the Gospel'.Their Watchtower's creed is that Jesus had his 'invisible return' aka second coming October 1914.
The Watchtower is an authoritarian oppressive religion full of legalistic rules.
Danny Haszard

Diacanu said...


Thanks, I'd forgotten about the transfusion thing.

A perusal of rebuttal videos by ex-JW's reveals the final ending with "let's go ride bikes!!", is a fairy tale, real JW parents blister your ass.
At a minimum.

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