Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grand Unification Theory (Part 2.5)

Soo, yeah, like last time, another leftover piece....

From the "transporter/transwarp", post...

Of course..."how in the hell could something beam itself?", you may ask.

I mean, once it starts taking itself apart, then it no longer exists for it to put itself back together.
Hell, it would probably break, or blow up, half way through even completing the self disintegration.

Well...I actually came up with a techno-bullshit way, but that's for another entry.
Suffice it so involves subspace. ;)

Okay, pretty easy actually.

First, mentally combine a transporter with a time-warp.

Imagine you're beamed externally from another source, then, you arrive at your destination, then, you send a beam back in time to your old coordinates to beam yourself, and that's how you got there.
You were the external someone beaming you.

Bam, there you go, no self-disassembling in midstream required.
You were solid, and able to perform the beaming.

Now, stack on extra dimensions, so the whole time-loop occurs at once within one beam.

And, the extra dimensions are available, transporters use subspace, and subspace has hyper-time properties.

Bada-bing, couldn't be simpler.

Or, an even easier way to visualize it, if a transporer beam is actually an unstable wormhole, then, imagine the emergency transporter is stable, and there's no disintegration/re-integration necessary.
It all just happens.

As for beaming with something as little as Data's emergency transporter, easy, compress the matter stream.

A star can become a blackhole, the universe used to be the size of a proton, gotta figure you can squeeze a person down to the size of an oyster cracker.

Should be a snap with Trek-tech.

And, once you've got the principle for self-beaming, that's the explanation for Q, and wizard-poofing, and Nightcrawler-bamfing, and every other thing.

Aaaand, that's that.
Now, to retro-link this to part 2.

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