Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Happy belated 18th anniversary of Krazyfool's Den Of Delusion!!!

Shit, this was April 2nd.
2016 was such a bummer, and then winter was so gloomy, and depressing, and oppressive, and my anxieties were flaring up, so I was off in la-la land watching on-demand movies and blu-rays to try to drown my sorrows, and I just let this place go to seed.


  • 2013 (saga of the site)
  • 2014 (saga of Krazyfool Show)
  • 2015 (TFA was coming soon)
  • 2016 (Rogue One was being whispered)

Seen Rogue One (twice) the blu-ray is out, I just gotta get off my duff and go get it.

I finished off Quantum Dissolve, so no Krazyfool sequel is coming, sadly.

Well, there'll be other opportunities someday....
Stay tuned.

Two more years to twenty!!
Almost there...


B. D. said...

Slight bummer, Charlie Murphy of "Chappelle's Show" and "being Eddie Murphy's brother" semi-fame, has died.


Diacanu said...

It's not a slight bummer for me, he was awesome. :(

B. Dee said...

Nothing about the new Star Wars trailer then? I was expecting the Internet to pretty much explode. It, uh, took me a few seconds to recognize Mark Hammill's voice there.

Diacanu said...

I'll do a poster and trailer post tomorrow.

There was a LOT of podcasts to chew through surrounding today's Star Wars stuff.
Including a 45 minute Mark Hamill tribute to Carrie Fisher.

They keep popping up, and they keep being 40-60 minutes, and by people I like.

Lot to chew through, if you have a lot of Youtube subscriptions, the internet really did explode.

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