Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The shit on my walls (Part 21).

Part 20.

Big upgrade to the big grid....
Actually did this a month ago, but stuff kept getting in the way of posting this.

Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2.

Best Evil Dead anything since Evil Dead 2.
Best poster of the series so far.

Replaces Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

The Mist.

I like to play "six degrees", with these when I'm bored, and this flick gets me all sorts of connections.
Frank Darabont directed it, and went on to produce "The Walking Dead".
Melissa McBride went on to play Carol in "The Walking Dead".
Jeffrey DeMunn went on the play Dale in "The Walking Dead".
Laurie Holden went on to play Andrea in "The Walking Dead".
Thomas Jane played The Punisher in the 2004 Punisher flick, and all of the TWD alums connect this to TWD, and John Bernthal from TWD played (and still plays) Punisher in the Marvel-Netflix-verse.
Lotta ways to go with that.

Replaces Manhunter.

The DC-CW-TV-verse.

Like "The Mist", lotta actor connections I can get to and from this.

For example, Flash's adoptive dad was in "Rent", with Rosario Dawson who's the Nick Fury of the Marvel-Netflix-verse.

Replaces Creepshow.

Stranger Things.

Because, c'mon, it's Stranger Things.

Replaces "God Bless America".

Next row down....

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2.

Comes out in a  couple weeks.
Come on, we all know it's going to be good.
Even if by a one in a billion shot it sucked, the poster is still pretty.

Bumps down Guardians 1, which bumps down Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which bumps down Super, which bumps down Toxic Avenger, which replaces Kickass 2.


Because, c'mon, it's Logan.

Replaces "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

Next row down....


See DC-CW-TV-verse.

Replaces American Mary.


Replaces Batman vs Hulk.



(Highlight to see)
It's a secret sequel to Unbreakable.

Replaces Hulk painted magazine cover.

And finally...

Updated mini version of the grid for my boombox corner.

And, done!


B. D. said...

Did you like "Unbreakable" in 2000, or has your opinion of it gone up over time? (I remember Josh Martin really snorting hard at the comic-book-superhero twist, but don't remember what you said.) I thought it was wavy hand. M. Night made it out to be a really personal film of his and he was hurt really badly supposedly, by the lukewarm reaction it got.

"Star Trek: Beyond" is pretty meh too, IMO. I more or less liked Jaylah and the weird 360-degree city and the weird air battle between Kirk and Krall, but man after all they did in those first two films they are REALLY throwing the supporting characters back in the background, even more than the original show did! Pegg didn't even make it that much more light hearted than usual.

I was asking you about the XTC thing less because of the atheism in the song than because I'm an XTC fan and I've been discussing it with people to see how well remembered they are by anybody other than XTC fans, hipsters, cult record collectors and/or English kids who listened to New Wave back in the day, which is where XTC started, as a herky jerky New Wave band circa 1978 with oddball vocals and those tinny keyboards that New Wave bands loved. Then they gradually morphed into "The Great Lost Pop Band" for the next 20 years and have basically been on hiatus since about 2000.

If you don't remember "Dear God" from when you were 12, then you most likely remember this one, from 1982:

...or this one, from 1989, when they sort of became part of the "college rock" movement...

"Dear God" actually was just a B-side that began getting airplay in 1986-87 and was tacked on to the American release of their most acclaimed album, "Skylarking" (1986). But yes it was a hit, right smack dab in the middle of the Pat Robertson televangelism era.

B. D. said...

One last comment: it was a hit IN AMERICA. Their previous hits were hits in Britain--it was actually "Dear God" that broke them even though they mostly remained a critics' favorite.

B. D. said...

Oh and, RIP Jonathan Demme. I've only seen five of his movies though (and some of them, like "Swing Shift," he wanted buried.) I haven't seen his 70s period when he did Roger Corman exploitation movies (you'll remember, Corman was head of the FBI in "Silence Of The Lambs.")

Diacanu said...

Re: Unbreakable-
I missed it in the theater, and didn't catch it on home video for the longest time, but I fell right in love with it.
Bought the DVD as soon as I could get my grubby mitts on it.
Yeah, it bombed financially, but it's got a pretty rabid cult.

Today, Shyamalan announced that Unbreakable 3 is "Glass", and that McAvoy, Willis, and Sam Jackson will be in it.
So, if he can spoil that Split is Unbreakable 2 on Twitter, it's okay for me to talk about now without spoiler shields.

Re: Trek.
So, are you all caught up to the classic Trek-verse now?
I remember, you burned through the show and classic movies, so that only left the JJ movies.

Re: XTC.
Shit, haven't listened to the songs, I'll do a separate post after I do.

Re: Jonathan Demme.
Fuckin' cancer. :(

Diacanu said...

Re: XTC again.
Okay, neither ring any bells, and "senses working overtime", didn't work for me, but I LOVE "mayor of simpleton"!!!!

B. D. said...

Oh, I saw both JJ Abrams Trek movies when they came out in theaters. And now look at how widely hated they are!! Both started off with strong initial notices and now they're about as well-liked as "Prometheus"!!! (I still like them!) But yes, I'm done with all stuff involving the classic Trek characters, since I have seen the Shatner stuff in "Generations" as a kid...and now I'm finding out no-one likes that movie anymore either! Sheez, Trekkies are fickle!

It must be a pretty rabid cult for "Unbreakable" indeed if we're getting these sequels 16 years later.

XTC - You may also remember this one? It's from "Oranges & Lemons" (1989), the same album as "Mayor Of Simpleton." Someone did a cover of their song "The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead" for "Dumb & Dumber," but I can't remember who. This is a rare Letterman appearance BTW because Andy Partridge (guy with the top hat and glasses playing guitar, he sings "Dear God" but Colin Moulding the bassist sings "King For A Day") suffered an onstage nervous breakdown in the early 80s.

Diacanu said...

Re: XTC.

Love it!!!!

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