Thursday, February 4, 2016

Buncha stuff revisited.

Was digging through old stuff, walking down memory lane, and a few years have given me perspective.
Here's that.

The four Is.

There's a fifth I that isn't there.
I either lack it, or have a corrupted version of the software.
Intuition thinkers seem to have a smoother and richer trip through life.
Oh well, I just don't get to have that.

But, the intuition thinkers also reflexively see things in terms of hierarchy, and one-upmanship, and all that fevered hierarchy building builds up a big smelly debris pile.
I needed to write the four Is to rip free of that debris to think clearly.

But now that I can, I need to let it all go, including the anger.

What I don't do- The Collection.

Yeah, this is more declaration against the intuition thinkers.
When you aren't one of them, they think you're just one of them with something wrong, and that they can scream it out of you.
Again, gotta let it all go, including the anger.

And in regards to the specific bit about "My So Called Life", if I had a time machine, I'd tell myself, intuition thinkers don't like being called dumb, or having their things called dumb, and when you do, they'll rip you apart with rusty razors.
So, keep it to yourself, and only say it out loud among your weirdo friends.
It's not right, or moral, or logical, but it'll help you survive.
It just is what it is.

There's Nothing To Know- The Collection.
More "There's Nothing To Know", The Collection.

Intuition thinkers like to play off that their intuitions are a magical power, and that you should tremble in respect to their power.
More hierarchy shit.
The spell needed to be broken.
But, now that it has been, I look back at my ranting and raving, and think "meh, whatever, it's human nature, let it go".

I dunno, maybe learning more about the brain and psychology has made this stuff unlock and open up, and I'm able to be easier on people.

So, that's all that then.

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