Sunday, January 24, 2016

Elevatorgate, 5 years later.

Someone in a Facebook thread jogged my memory, that this coming July will mark 5 years ago this bullshit started.

So, here's where we are with this shit.

And it's actually pretty good news.

The elevatorgate-ers became Atheism Plus, Atheism Plus became Freethought Blogs, and Freethought Blogs has completely fucking imploded, and people have left it like rats off a sinking ship.

Now, it's just down to PZ Myers, and he's twisted up, and sad, and bitter, and hateful, and increasingly crazier, and people are washing their hands and feet of him in droves, and he seems to be planning to just go down in flames and smoke, spraying poison the whole way down.

Flame out, Peezus.
I'll get the marshmallows.

Their day is done, this shit seems to have a 5 year cycle.

But, the next cycle has started with the Social Justice Warriors going after video games.
The whole Anita Sarkeesian thing started up in about 2012-2013, so....we've got about til 2017-2018 for it to burn out.

Part of me wishes I'd blogged that new saga, but I covered pretty much how I feel about the SJW crowd in this Halloween post.

We've still got some residual atheists who've drunk the SJW Kool-Aid.
Steve Shives is pretty much ruined.
Eli Bosnick from "God Awful Movies", made an asshole of himself on "Cognitive Dissonance", but his show buddies kinda all laughed at him when he came back, and it all kinda blew over.

Mostly, its burnt off.
It's fading out, not building up.

It sure as hell is gearing up in the gamer community though.
But, thanks to the internet, there's a record of their damage, and tactics, and there was a quicker backlash this time.

We'll see in 2018 if their strain of the plague has been crapped out.
Be interesting to see what social group the SJWs try to destroy next.
I hope it's the Republicans.
Or cross-trainers.
Or Lumbersexuals.
Yeah, that'd be good.
SJWs ruining lumbersexuals.
Pick them next, SJWs.


B. D. said...

I had to look up "Lumbersexuals" to even see what that was. That's a controversy?

I mean haven't the Duck Dynasty people run their course?

Diacanu said...

Nah, it's not a controversy, they just annoy me.
Guys following a fleeting niche fashion trend doesn't a minority social group make.

Diacanu said...

Oh!! I totally forgot!! In regards to this topic, I forgot the saga of Richard Carrier coming out as "polyamourous", which means you have multiple consensual partners, except that his wife didn't consent, and he dumped her, so he was just a cheating slime, then he perved on a bunch of A-Plus-er chicks, and bragged about things he did in bed, and made a real asshole of himself.

So, that about wraps it up for him.

Jack said...

I knew from the start those SJW assleaks were just going to be an irritant for a few years and then become marginalised and reviled by all sensible people. They got away with it for longer than they should have because one or two of them were initially sane before they bought into the bullshit, so people like dear old Michael Nugent cut them breaks longer than he otherwise would have.

Anyway, the reason I knew they were doomed to fail is simply because I'm old enough to have lived through at least three iterations of their sort of well-meaning but basically ego-addled leftist upspartery. They always do this to themselves. I knew exactly how it would go. They never, ever learn. Unfortunately they never, ever stop breeding more of their idiotic self-righteous selves, either.

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