Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie 1947 - 2016

Shit, this knocked the breath out of me with a baseball bat as bad as Carlin and Williams.

He was 69. Here's his 66th birthday salute.

Here's "The Dreamers", that I put into The Krazyfool Show.


Diacanu said...

Bee Dee said...

This is the last known pic of David Bowie, taken on his birthday last Friday?

Stupid things that flashed through my head re: Bowie's death:

-The video for Nirvana doing "The Man Who Sold The World" now can be associated with TWO deaths.
-The first I ever saw of him doing music was a late 90s SNL appearance where he sang that "you little wonder" song.
-He did an industrial-ish album in 1995 called "1.Outside" which was kinda trashed by everybody, it was going to get a sequel called "2.Contamination" anyway, but never did!
-I doubt he was going to do any more "Twin Peaks" stuff, but his role in "Fire Walk With Me" where he did a bizarre Southern accent and played a completely inexplicable character, was supposed to continue into future TP movies, but was nullified after FWWM was critically/commercially savaged.
-His best acting role was in "The Prestige"
-My favorite Bowie album is "Heathen," from 2002--check it out, it's really good!
-More people than you think know him as "The Goblin King"!
-He was basically a recluse for the last decade! His new album is supposedly really good though.
-Prindle apologized on Facebook for making fun of Bowie on his old website, but I still laughed at the "David Live" review

Err....that's all.....oh wait his son who directed "Moon" and "Source Code" posted sad pic of Bowie with him as a baby on his Twitter.

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