Thursday, August 13, 2015

My birthday haul (update).


Theeere, fiiinally.
"The Crow", got here.
There's always that last one that stalls in the postal-zone somewhere.

Anyhoo, great flick, cool bonuses.
None of which dwell too much on the death of Brandon Lee.
But it would be awkward if they didn't discuss it all, and the director saves it for the end of the commentary in how they decided to complete the film, and dedicate it to him and his fiancee.

Great interview with James O'Barr, creator of the comic that was both touching an inspiring.

Some deleted/extended scene stuff left to peruse, but I think I've seen the best of it.

All righty, retro-linking this to "my birthday haul", as promised in that one.


B. D. said...

Saw "Jodorowsky's Dune," finally.

Wow, the overarching theme is pretty funny: a bunch of wild-eyed psychedelic-era artistic visionaries attempting to make the ultimate movie, all of them having the same thing to say over and over again: "I never read Frank Herbert's book and don't know what it was about." Funny, David Lynch hadn't read the book either when they got him to do the movie.

Pink Floyd AND Magma doing the same movie? Awesome. Remember when *Legion* used to talk about Magma? They even got an interview with Christian Vander, the Magma guy. And HE never read the book either!

I wanted to say that his conception of Mick Jagger as Feyd Rautha was pretty fruity and stupid until I remembered that Lynch got a rock star to do it too, and he wore that stupid metal G-string thing which isn't actually much less effeminate than what Jodorowsky wanted.

Jodorowsky's reaction to the Lynch movie was an ABSOLUTE F***ING LAUGH RIOT. I burst out LOLing at the screen.

I really like Jodorowsky as a guy. He's 86 and has all the energy of a little kid and is still creating. He may be totally full of it (I only liked half of "El Topo" because it's about the halfway point where he runs out of ideas and you've pretty much figured out what he has to say) but he's sort of awesome anyway.

So it was AIMEE MANN who sang that f***ing "Hush hush, voices carry!" song I've been hearing all these years!!! I thought it was a 90s song because of the chorus--it's only the VERSES that give it away as an 80s song (Yamaha DX-7 synths and all.) Think how many songs have ripped off that kind of chorus...

The video was hilarious too. I didn't know she's actually in her mid 80s so seeing her with whacked out hair and big stupid earrings was pretty funny.

Diacanu said...

Glad you dug "Jodorowsky's Dune", as much as I did.

As for Aimee Mann...well, you know me, I can't overdose on 80's, just like a cobra can eat a poison sandwich.
Bad 80's hair and clothes just seem normal to me.

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