Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ghostbusters 2020 set pics. (MM #117)

Some minor quickie set pic tidbits.

First, a pic of them painting an ad for Stay Puft Marshmallows on the side of a building.
It looks artificially age faded, so it's meant to have been there for awhile.

In the original movie, there's a Mister Stay Puft on the bag of marshmallows in Dana's kitchen in the scene where the eggs start popping and frying by themselves.
It's subtle, and you have to freeze-frame to really get a decent look at it.

Anyway, the image on that bag is identical to the one they're painting on that wall there.
So, they're going over the first movie with a microscope to make this one!

Fans are going to be happy!

Second, Here's the Ecto-1 in pretty rough and worn shape,

In real life, the real one has been restored, and kept shiny and purty.
But, within the world of the new movie, its been allowed to crumble and fade.
Like Mister Stay Puft.
They're using different duplicate Ectos for this movie.
The restored Ecto goes around to shows.

Anyway, that's that.
The Mister Stay-Puft will probably flicker past in the movie as a quickie Easter egg.
Whether Ecto will get an overhaul in the flick, or get replaced with a modern SUV or something,  we'll have to find out in 2020.

Oh, and IDW comics is already responding to the flick.
Here's the first GB2020 Easter egg.

Behind Janine on that file cabinet drawer, you can see just "2020".
This was in the Classic Ghostbusters issue of "Ghostbusters 35", for the 35th anniversary.

Teensy little thing, but they always start out with little Easter eggs, and then progressively build up.

Remember, three years ago, we got THIS little GB:ATC hint, and then we ended up with not one, but two crossovers.

So, buckle up, we're probably gonna get a bigger Easter egg, or two, or three, followed by some kind of GB2020 crossover prequel as things unfold, and IDW is allowed to know more.

And, that's all of that.

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