Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ranking the DCU shows so far (2019) (MM #125)

Okay, so here's the DC streaming shows ranked.
Only 3 so far....

1. Doom Patrol

Best of these so far.
Artistic masterpiece.
Weird like Twin Peaks, or Legion.
But also funnier.
I put 1 & 2 on this list right up there with the Marvel Netflix shows.
Doom Patrol, I think I may even like better than Marvel Netflix.

Only DC show better than this is Preacher, and that's off in its own little Vertigo-verse bubble.
Better than Krypton?
Oh, fuck yeah!

2. Titans

Man, this sure ain't "Teen Titans Go!".
As with Doom Patrol, I put this right in there alongside the Marvel Netflix shows.
I'd put this more alongside Daredevil and Jessica.
Or first half of season 1 of Luke Cage.
Good stuff.
Also better than Krypton.
By a smidge.

3. Swamp Thing

Ssss, welll....

It's better than the 1982 movie.
It's better than the 1989 sequel.
Loads better than the 1990-1993 TV series!!

As good as the Alan Moore comics?
Sss...not quite, but dammit, they try.
It didn't help that their episode count was trimmed from 13 to 10, and then they were unceremoniously cancelled, and they had to hammer their final episode into a series finale on the fly.

They get the major plot points of famous and vital comics issues in there, but it's so rushed.

If it could have had 2 seasons to breathe, I really think they could have nailed the Alan Moore pace and tone.

Bless you for trying, Swamp Thing show-runners.
Derek Mears who plays Swampy nailed it right, think of it as a 10 hour Swamp Thing movie.
As a movie, it's the best Swamp Thing ever produced.

Ranked against other DC-TV shows?
Below Black Lightning, above Flash.

Up next for DCU, the R rated Harley Quinn cartoon.
I dunno if I'll just say where it ranks among these, or redo the whole list.
We'll see.

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