Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Nine. (Jade Shade vs The Ultranational)

The citizens of Sectorville were afraid of their superhero.

His handle was The Ultranational, a flag spangled nightmare of a person who ruled with paranoia, and bigotry.

The local politicos and business criminals loved him.

When Dusty arrived, people spoke of Ultranational in hushed tones, and with various concealing nicknames.

Dusty quickly sussed out, that UN's patriotism was as phony as Peerless Person's powers, and Phidey's selflessness.

On top of all that, he was another steroid case like Prodigious Mass.

Just what Dusty/JS needed, another no-neck freak.
Sadly, he'd used up his one and only stickybomb.
A shame he didn't get to reproduce those before the shit hit the fan with The Mayor.
He'd just have to get sneakier.

There was no question that Ultranational had to go.
Rotten heroes, villains, it was all the same.
Except the former was worse, as they damaged the reputation of what Dusty/JS was trying to build.

First, he'd have to study and memorize UN's patrols like he did with Desmodus-Guy...

The Ultranational was out on patrol, when suddenly, a bear trap snapped around his left ankle.

Just when he let out a yell, he was hit in the neck with a knockout dart, and all went black.

He awoke in an alleyway, stripped to his mask and boxer shorts, wrists and ankles tied behind his back and together with zip ties.

Jade-Shade stepped out of the shadows.

"Hi, Nazi", he graveled.

"I'll show you Nazi, you fucking queer!", UN barked.

"Jeez, it always goes there, what is it with you guys?", JS snarked, barely containing a chuckle.

JS/Dusty flashed back to the school bullies, and the scum in prison.
All the same mold.
No variation whatever.
Like they were stamped out of a factory.
It was kind of boring in a way.

"When I get out of this, I'll make you wish you'd never been born, you America-hating socialist pig!", UN bellowed.

"Your country isn't America, it's Hell", JS shot back with a perfunctory deadpan, like correcting a child's spelling.

"Socialist piece of...", UN hissed.

JS cut him off "I guess Sectorville is full of socialists then, I've asked around, nobody likes you. Nobody. They think you're a bully, and a thug. I think they're right. I think 9/11 opened up all the dumpsters. Now it's time to clean up the trash. You tell that to all your Nazi little buddies, by the way. America's going to have some real superheroes, and there's no room for any more of this riff-raff".

"I'm not a Nazi!", UN almost whimpered.

"Well, we'll let Sectorville decide. I'm going to leave you here strung up like a piggy, and, they can cut you loose, and be miserable again, or dispose of you like rubbish".

"I'm not a Nazi!!!!", UN screamed, hoping for someone to hear, tears starting to show in his voice, if not his eyes.

"Uh huh, yeah, you tell yourself that, champ. Tell yourself you're too big to fail while you're at it", JS said, a smile obviously in his voice, not at all trying to hide it.

JS flashed back to The Ultranational's cute little USO shows.
He morbidly wondered...what was the difference between walking into a school, and mowing down children, and waiting a few years, and brainwashing those same children as teenagers into getting shot for oil profits.

And that spun off the thought, what was the difference, between mowing down kids, pretending to be Desmodus-Guy, and gaining the worship of your victims parents, and doing the whole war-booster thing, and gaining the worship of your victims parents.
There probably was one.
JS couldn't find it, though.
He'd have to consult a philosopher someday.
Some other time, today was for destroying The Ultranational.

"I'm not a Nazee-hee-hee-hee!!", UN sobbed.

"You guys are always victims. No one else is though. The poor, the raped, the defrauded.
It's always their fault. Take away a bully's power, he's the victim. You keep right on sobbing, Susan. You've made it clear you don't believe your citizens are going to help. That's as much an admission of guilt as I'm ever going to get from one of you piggies. Hey, maybe one of your oil baron buddies might drive by. Y'think? No, bad PR, I bet", JS mused aloud tauntingly.

A crowd started to gather.
They looked like they had on gang colors.

"Ah, your saviors at last. Well, I don't want to get in the way of this heartwarming reunion, so, I'm going to hit the road as it were", JS remarked casually.

JS held up UN's shield.
"You don't deserve this. Taking it".

"Commie, pinko, traitor!! Terrorist!! Devil worshipper!!", UN barked through tears and snot.

JS lazily flipped him the bird.

As JS turned the corner, whatever the gang members were doing to UN made him make a stuck pig noise.

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