Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picking up where we left off....'s the review of Attack Of The Clones from the same dude as last time.

Here's a fun little project for ya, fellow geeks.

1. Get yourself youtube downloader.

2. Download these puppies.

3. Repeat with the TPM ones.

4. Burn 'em to DVDs. One for TPM, one for AOTC.
(Convert to WMV if needed, if you're using the crummy burner program that came with Vista).

5. Take the DVDs, label 'em, and poke them in with your copies of the actual movies.
I find you can poke an extra DVD onto the spoke of the bonus disk flap of AOTC, and the back panel spoke of TPM. Your box may differ, and you might want to shuffle things a bit.

6. There, now you have the antidote to these fuggin' things right ready for future generations.

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