Thursday, January 7, 2010

My wonderful gadgets 4- Utility Belt!

Okay, where'd we leave off, oh, yeah, Dingoo.....

Well, up to 10 thingies now...

Got me a lovely choke chain....

....both for self defense, and nostalgia.
Had one as a kid, y'know, for dangerous fun.
Literally a link to the past, heh, heh.
Don't worry, I never hurt anyone, I was skilled.
But, for adult life, y'never know when you might need to whip a mugger in various tender areas.
Better to have it, and not need it, then need it, and and not have it.
Sense of security for 6 bucks, ya can't beat that.

Got around to getting me that belt pack I was gonna, so now all this junk really is a utility belt of sorts.

It's just roomy enough, I can ad this notepad and pen that've been lying around to the kit.

Took that pic myself, that's why it's blurry faded crud. :P

Originally, my kit was just gonna be that pad, and the Sansa, but all the other toys gradually caught my eye, and the project grew.

One more little thing I need to be fully equipped.


Good old hobo tools!

Always finding myself in situations where I'm desperately lacking a fork.

Well, no more, says I.

Two things in the "maybe", category.

One of these....

Cuz salt & pepper are always handy.

A friend suggested for possible self defense, but, peppering someone in real life isn't as fun and breezy as when you're playing BurgerTime.

They start rolling on the ground cursing, and their asshole friend cradles them, and starts screaming "what the hell is WRONG with you???", and some well toned tennis yuppie hops out of his Bimmer, gets himself involved, and starts barking "where do you think YOU'RE going, asshole??", while shoving your shoulder, so you have to pepper both of them, and then women start screaming, so you have to pepper them, then their baby, and it just escalates, until you have to pepper the cops, and then the army, and look at the size of that shaker, there just isn't enough.

Well, I guess that's what the chain would be for.

Anyway, that, and/or a couple of these....

Y'know, cuz one always needs a towel.

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