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QD:Season 2, Chapter 12. (Rise of The New Freed Radicals)

July 1, 2014.

The new recruits were all gathered in the gymnasium off the hallway to the Den Of Seclusion.

JS (with Chokie at his side) gave an uplifting speech about their mission, and declared their new team name as The New Freed Radicals, after the original team name of Danny Hugo/Combatant, and Elisa Jack/Ms. Pique.

All of JS's recruitment drive were there.
Commander Continuum (the man from 2014), The Excruciationizer, Sigma-Max, Bog-Gob, Avian Louse, Captain Descrambler, Vick Vivisection, and Xed Of The Undead.

Chokecherry had done her own recruitment drive, and her recruits were Blood-Orange and Purple-Pepper (natch), Zoria Bacillus (ditto), The Slicker, Nut Crush & Lopper Lass, Baken & Pornne, Upholdor, Commander Vindication, Palupulam & Plawnee (the latter being a dog), Mister Impregnable, The Bogey, Zettabit & Pixelmistress, and a family team called The Inconceivables made up of Mr. Inconceivable, Popcorn Girl, Spurt, and Dwindle.
Chokecherry had obviously had way more luck.  

Also there where Dr. Herbert, Eidolon, Omneron via hologram drone, and Eidolon's kitty, Alfredo.

Avian Louse had found a dwarf sidekick called Offal, and had brought him.

Mike Meggison was live-streaming via another hologram drone, and was going to record and transcribe all this for Shmegalamonga.

And lastly, to Chokie's revulsion, somehow, Mage-Shiv had snuck in.
Chokie made a mental note to deal with her later.

After the speech, which was received with unanimous agreement and warm applause, every one broke up and mingled for a party that doubled as JS & Chokie's first wedding anniversary.

Mike Meggison promised to commemorate that for the blog too.
More on that later.

Fold out tables were spread all out in a circle covered with food, and a mini fridge in the corner stored the drinks.

The party cake had a computer printed image off of Shmegalamonga of the Streetsweepers team with Jadie & Chokie front & center.

JS, Chokie, Dr. H, and Eidolon would still consider themselves Streetsweepers on solo and family missions, but with anyone else, it would be a Freed Radicals operation.

Under the frosting was chocolate chip cake, to jokingly commemorate the bag of grocery store cookies JS & Chokie had scarfed down in lieu of wedding cake.

The rest of the food consisted of a crock-pot of chili with a baggie of cheese (Cheese Of Freedom) next to it to sprinkle on, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, hot sausage, a bowl of egg salad, a bowl of pasta salad, chips (Rumpty Pumpty), dip (Sunuvabidgen Good), and of course, ice cream to go with the cake (Okeen brand, in cherry-vanilla, and Pistachio to represent the anniversary couple).
Every bowl of ice cream was served with a cherry on top.
Again, natch.

The mini fridge was filled with Chokecherry sodas.
Chokecherry had actually become the official mascot of her favorite brand, and got lifetime free cases.
It was a long story, and would take another chapter.

Xed Irish-ed up his Chokecherry Soda with a dash from his pocket flask of Floongold's.

On the third step of the pulled out wooden bleachers, sat JS's MP3 boombox from the day Chokie showed off her Mark 2 costume.

Plugged into it, was a flash drive made to look like a mini version of the JS mask.
Dr. H could whip up all kinds of trinkets like that with his 3-D printers.

The drive contained, and the boombox was playing, a mix of 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and 10's.
The 80's selection had also played when Chokie Mark 2 premiered, so there was double nostalgia there.

Eidolon was hanging out and hitting it off with Mr. Inconceivable's daughter, Dwindle, who shared a similar dress sense, and appreciation for computers, and they seemed to be digging the tunes.
Especially the nu-metal one that went "all the drugs in meee, all the bugs in meee, how can I liiive without yooouu??".

Xed had brought his bike in through a secret back entrance, and was showing it off to Excruciationizer, Bog-Gob, Captain Descrambler, Vick Vivisection, Blood-Orange, The Slicker, Baken, The Bogey, Mr. Inconceivable, Spurt, and Offal.

Chokie also had her Cherry-sicle there, which was being admired by the fellow gals Purple-Pepper, Zoria Bacillus, Lopper Lass, Pornne, Pixelmistress, and Popcorn Girl.

All the geeky electronic wizards hung together, and Dr. Herbert and Commander Continuum showed off what Omneron could do.
That got a bit competitive at one point, because they had both contributed to his makeup.

Mage-Shiv kind of hovered around trying to phonily get in on everything, but was still wise enough to steer clear of Chokecherry.

Mr. Impregnable was sleazily trying to get laid, and kept striking out.

Alfredo and Plawnee weren't getting along well to put it mildly.
Eidolon finally took Alfredo back to her room, and Dwindle followed.

Avian Louse had far better luck than Mr. Impregnable, and was flirting up Zoria Bacillus something fierce.

Chokie observed this, and half-whispered to Pixelmistress "I know there's something going on".
Pixelmistress shook her head at the odd pairing, and mumbled "people are strange".

The whole shindig went on for 6 hours, but Xed bailed a couple hours early to dole out punishment to someone.
(It would of course turn out to be Eric Tucker, and Faust).
He grabbed his cheese off the chili table as he went.

Everyone exchanged e-mail addresses, and social media links.

JS smiled behind his mask drinking it all in, admiring the culmination of it all, and mentally noted that once again, it all felt so right.

Mike's holo-drone hovered above it all, and he took notes.

He definitely was not going to screw this up.

July 3rd, 2014.

Mike Meggison posted a photo from an upcoming superhero movie on Shmegalamonga.

"I know I'm forgetting something", he kept saying to himself.
Finally, it clicked.
"FUCK!!", he exclaimed.

"Well...I'll make up for it next year", he said to himself.

July 1st, 2015.

JS & Chokie's second anniversary, and first anniversary of the New Freed Radicals.

Mike Meggison posted "QD:Season 2, Chapter 6. (Jade Shade meets Sigma-Max)", on Shmegalamonga.

July 2nd, 2015.

Mike Meggison posted another photo from that same long developing superhero movie.

Then, a memory clicked, and he exclaimed "FUCK!!!!!".

He started busting his ass on chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.
Bullshit waylaid him anyway.

August 18th, 2015.

Mike Meggison finally posted "QD:Season 2, Chapter 12. (Rise of The New Freed Radicals)".

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