Sunday, June 5, 2011

"I am Science!!", Episode #5

...with Dr. Logan W. Herbert.

Why is the sky blue? What makes the sky sad?

Rayleigh scattering, the sky really, really hates Rayligh scattering.
Sends it right into a deep suicidal funk.

Wouldn't it you?

But, you know, depression is underrated.
People desperately try to escape from it, when it's a perfectly natural state when you look at the world honestly.

It's my current operating theory, that depression is the next step in human evolution.

Think about it, what inflicts the most horror on our existence?
Other human beings.
And who are the most horrible human beings?
Dictators, currupt bankers, corrupt politicians...
What do they have in common?
They're all rampaging egotists.
They all think very highly of themselves despite having nothing in their objective accounting of themselves to back this feeling up.

Ego from nowhere.

Automatic reflexive self-esteem, or ARSE I call it.

Now, I'm sure out on the savannah, ARSE had survival benefit.

Without Google to check, you just had to "know", your survival decisions were right, to go with them as quickly as possible.

Well, we aren't on the savannah anymore, and "knowing", you're right when you're not, and then still thinking so when it all blows up, is simply being an ARSEhole.

Modern civilization requires more introspection, and critical thinking.
Hence the depressed.

So, all you depressives, look up at that big blue depressed sky, and feel inspired.
But not too inspired, or you might make an ARSE of yourself.

I am made of science!

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