Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 9/11!!!

Did ya get your ticket to the Madea movie?

Oh, and the celebrations don't end there!!

Tomorrow, Glenn Beck is holding a little hate/fear/armed-insurrection rally.
Who'd'a thunkit?

Oh, it's not exploitation of tragedy at all, I'm sure their motives are pure.
Don't you get that sense?
Don't you just feel that in your marrow?

Whelp, anyhoo, looked at last year's 9/11 remembrance, and...nothing I'd change there.

The right-wing is still pumped full of fear.

We still haven't gotten Bin Laden.

And politics and the media are still stupid.

Oh, if only things were wonderful, like on 9/12.
Remember the person you were then?
Shitting your pants.
Thinking the next shoe was gonna drop.
Scared to go to your mail box cuz you might get 'thraxed.
Watching CNN 24/7 with a nervous tick in your eyelid.
Remember that?
Remember the beating up and killing of innocent Muslims?
Remember how gosh darned patriotic it all was?


Yeah, cuz it's bullshit.
The flag waving yahoo crap was stupid bullshit then.
I grimly countenanced it then, because 3,000 people just got vaporized, and people needed an emotional crutch for their group PTSD.

It's 8 fucking years out now.
You're done.
You're fucking done.
The bullshit has expired.
Get a fucking grip on yourselves, or the butterfly nets start going over your fucking heads.

Now shut up, and go open your 9/11 presents, you horrible refugees from an LSD laced fucking nightmare.

As for the dead, remembering them is all we can do.
That's all we leave.
So, if you knew someone, do that.

The rest is cynical Ferengi bullshit.

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Diacanu said...

Oh, and the rescue workers have been largely abandoned by the media, totally by the politicians, and there's still no fucking Freedom Tower.

Haha! Oh yes, happy 9/11 indeed.

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