Thursday, June 16, 2016

The shit on my walls (Part 19).

Part 18.

Yeah, I couldn't resist...

Ghostbusters trilogy.

This took a little reshuffling.

Already had GB1, printed GB2 and GB16.

Bumped them down, and replaced the mosaic of superhero/sci-fi documentaries, the mosaic of "Never Sleep Again", and its spinoffs, and the mosaic of VHS documentaries.

Bumped the "Never Sleep Again", mosaic up to where GB1 used to be, and the VHS mosaic up next to it, which replaces the Hoggies menu.

Threw out Hoggies, and superhero documentary mosaic.

Doesn't matter what I physically toss out, I still keep the files.

Anyhoo, ahhh, that's better. :-D

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