Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016 poster!! (Part 3)

Part 1.
Part 2.

Pretty much a variation on the first one.

But, there's been an elephant in the room I've dodged until now.
That subtitle.
"Answer The Call".
Is that the new title?
A tag line?
People have asked, and Sony's stance is this...
It's optional.
The official title is "Ghostbusters".
It'll be on the marquee, the tickets, the merch, BUT if you want to separate it from the 1984 original in your mind, you CAN call it "Ghostbusters: Answer The Call".
Abbreviated, GBATC.
But, I'm addicted to calling it GB16, it's one less character to type, it rolls easier off the tongue, so I'm loathe to switch over.
Which is why I've avoided it.
It flashed by real quick in some trailers, but now it's on a poster where you can look away, look back, and it's still there.
It can't be denied.

You can call it whatever you wish.
When the other films and shows start coming out, it'll be even harder to separate things, so I'll probably cave in, and call it "Answer The Call".
Until then, it's GB16 to me.

Anyhoo, neat little detail, if you string together the posters so far, it kinda tells a little story.
Check it out.

So, that's that.

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