Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Documentaries I want (back up to 6)

You're So Cool, Brewster:
The Story Of Fright Night (2015)

Okay, I actually heard about this way back on June 15th, and mentioned it in the all purpose horror thread comments.

BUT, at the time, my list was already so out of control before I finally whittled it down, AND, I was really trying to keep every single thing confined to the two big update threads.

But, that was sucking the fun out of the blog, so I should make special exceptions here and there, and this should have been one of them.

Creepshow and this are THE two big horror flicks that needed bonuses.


Kickstarter page.

Facebook page.

Fangoria article.

The list.

The "maybe" column.

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Diacanu said...

I gotta mention it, this one is being made by the same people as "Leviathan", and I've seen "Leviathan", now, is it boooooooorring.
I was stunned how boring.
Everyone talks quiet as hell, very reserved and bland, no humor, just...ugh.
Literally almost put me to sleep.
"Never Sleep Again", was so much more fun.

That's why "Leviathan", is off my list.

Hopefully, where this was an American cast, and a horror-comedy, it'll be more lively.

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