Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Also, good Batman on DVD news!

First, some great stuff for Bat-fans with tight purse strings.

Batman: Gotham Knight, Batman: Under The Red Hood, and Batman: Year One are together in one triple-pack.

Amazon link.

The Batman vs Dracula, and The Batman Superman Movie are on a two-sided disk.

Amazon link.


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse are together in a two-pack.

Amazon link.

And, in general news...

The Dark Knight Rises will be on DVD/Blu-ray December 4th, rather than the originally rumored June/July of 2013.

But, you probably knew that bit. Anyway...

Amazon link.

No word yet on a precise release date on part 2 of Dark Knight Returns though...

That is all.
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