Saturday, July 15, 2017

Happy 1st anniversary, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call!

Yep, a year ago today, I was going to see it for the first time.
So here's all that went on...

Answer The Call-

Buildup to 101-
Ghostbusters 101. (still ongoing)

Buildup to today-

Well, like I said here...

GB:ATC premiered last night on Starz.
I fell asleep to it.
I had just got done watching it on Blu-Ray as counter-programming to the dumb Superbowl.
Weird feeling coming full circle from trying to get to sleep to wake up to see it at the theater in the summer, to falling asleep with it on TV.
Kind of a comfy sensation, actually.

..I've seen it on Starz, and I continue to watch it every time it happens to be on, and my small handful of appointment shows aren't on.

Even though I much prefer the extended cut, the theatrical cut that they play is just fine by me, and it gets better every time I see it.
I notice new things every time.
It ages like a fine wine.

And, it takes me back to '85 when the original one was on HBO, and I watched it almost every time then, and never got sick of it.
Same thing now.

Together with theater viewings, blu-ray viewings, and Starz, I've probably seen the film in the neighborhood of 15 times now.
Probably more.
(Make that 16, I fired up the Blu-Ray again this week, and watched the extended cut again, the first commentary, and all the deleted/extended scenes. I wrote the rest of this earlier, but added this just now)

In fact, now that the GB101 comics are coming out, I go back to it after every new issue to spot all the ways it connects up, and the way the new canon changes the meaning of certain scenes.
For example, the after credits scene finally has a sequel payoff.

I worried that I might wake up one day, and see it the way the haters do, and not like it anymore, and my love of it might have been a delusion, but nope, I truly do love this flick.

Cuz, that happened to the couple that runs the "Yes Have Some", podcast, they soured on it.
OTOH, one of the guys from the "Interdimensional Crossrip", podast sees it like I do.
So, it's still a split down the middle of fandom.

Anyhoo, we're two issues away from the climax of GB101, and there's going to be some Ghostbusters franchise reveals at Comic-Con this year (next friday, to be precise).
I'll do a story on that (if it's indeed worthy of comment), and link it in the comments here.
Bare minimum, there's going to be some big reveal from IDW comics.
Hopefully, this time next year, we'll be closer to a fourth film in the franchise.
We keep hearing about that animated one, hopefully there'll finally be a reveal of that either at the Comic-Con thing, or within the next few months.
They've got to 2018-2019 to crank that out, we've got to start hearing some things.

Here's to the Ghostbusters franchise!
May it continue to continue!


Diacanu said...

I'm watching it on Starz on-demand right now!! (:-D

B. D. said...

"I'm worried that I might wake up one day, and see it the way the haters do, and not like it anymore, and my love of it might have been a delusion, but nope, I truly do love this flick."

The "haters" were a bunch of basement dwelling pseudo-Randroid neckbeard sexist racist MRA Trumpanzee wasn't like "The Phantom Menace" where a lot of perfectly intelligent people hated the movie.

Of my favorite movies, the only ones I've probably seen 15 times or more are "Scream," "Dazed & Confused," "National Lampoon's Animal House" and "Airplane!"

Didn't get into the MST3K "Pod People" much. That marks 20 MST3Ks I've seen and unless someone comes up with a good counterargument I think I'm done with MST3Ks for awhile.

Diacanu said...

And then this happened.

Diacanu said...

GB:ATC spinoff comic announced ahead of Comic-Con!!

Diacanu said...

The rest of the SDCC info dump.

Diacanu said...

Updates, because of COURSE the Twitter dummies couldn't get it right the first time.

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