Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ghostbusters home video numbers.

From here...

Okay! Home video numbers!

Since October, when GB:ATC came out, they've sold 1.5 million units.

In the last 15 years, the first two films together have sold 1.2 million.

So, Ghostbusters without any help from a new movie was winding down, and with the new movie, has had life injected back into it.

Science, bitches.


B. D. said...

Just a heads up, this is the new "everybody's gotta see it" horrible amateur movie:

Diacanu said...

It gives me a weird kind of hope for human achievement that there'll always be a new worst movie.

B. D. said...

Well even Tommy Wiseau managed to avoid sets made out of cardboard! That's an Ed Wood move!

*finishes "Lost"*
Yeah that finale was...geez, guys, try a little harder.

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