Monday, November 26, 2012

Also, happy 26th anniversary, Star Trek: The One With The Whales!

Trek reviews yet again.


hyla2 said...

HA! Holy shit, who painted that poster?

Scotty, McCoy, & Chekov are fine . . . but who'd they get to model for everyone else, their stunt doubles?

Jesus, look at KIRK! That ain't Shatner! Who IS that!?

Diacanu said...

I'm thinking...the Michael Myers mask modeled for that one.

hyla2 said...


hyla2 said...

Yep, black out the eyes, there it is.


Kinda looks like he thinks he maybe pooped himself, too. Maybe that's the problem.

Paladin said...

26 years ago?!? Can I really be that old?

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