Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy 8th anniversary, Seed Of Chucky!

The other good one.

The Chucky reviews again.

*Sigh* course we've got a Tiffany-less unfunny "Curse Of Chucky", coming up the pike.
Let's remember happier times....


hyla2 said...

"Curse of Chucky"?

Wait, I thought they were just doing a straight up reboot of Child's Play. So . . . is it going to be more like a continuation/return to square one, like a 'Chucky: The Next Generation' thing, or what?


Diacanu said...

Well, he broke up with Tiffany, and abandoned her and the kid, so, just by ignoring them in the next one, it'll play like a reboot.

Don't think they're gonna redo the origin.

hyla2 said...

Okay, because that's all I'd been hearing about the next upcoming Child's Play flick (at which point I stopped being remotely interested).

Like, the first synopsis that leaked on it was exactly the original movie all over again. So . . . if it isn't an actual, complete reboot, I hope they are going to do something fresh with it.

Shame about them ditching his little family, though.


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