Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some shows I hate that everyone else likes.

Just to get this shit out of the way so I don't socially fumble with it anymore...

Not a fan of "The Big Bang Theory", to put it mildly.

My flesh literally crawls when I'm at the computer, and whatever channel happens to be on fires up the reruns, and that theme song starts up.

"American Idol", or "Dancing With The Stars", or any of those judged talent shows make me wanna ice-pick a muthafucka.

If you watch anything on MTV, you're a sub-human to me, I don't even see you as a lifeform.

"Scrubs", is a piece of shit, it actually causes me spasms of physical pain.
Bad enough people think that miserable schlock is good, but there are some that get pretentious about it, and claim up and down that it has "brilliant writing".
These people need to die, preferably burning alive in overturned car wrecks in front of their children.

Um...what else?

"30 Rock", is the most overrated fucking thing ever.
I used to think it was "X-Files", but a more obnoxious cultural fad always comes along.

"Modern Family", can pretty much bite my crank.

"The New Girl", and "Ugly Betty", make me want to kidnap babies out of maternity wards, just to sell them to lesbians.

And rewinding to the past a bit, the fandoms of "Ally McBeal", and "Sex And The City", and "Gilmore Girls", needed to be riddled with an industrial staple gun...for hours.

And...did I mention "Modern Family", can bite my crank?

I did?

All right then.

Oh, shit, right, and "Glee", fuck "Glee".

What do I like?

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", and "Louie", for the misanthropy.

Ditto "House", but that just wrapped (unsatisfactorily I might add).

"The Walking Dead", cuz people fucking die.

Ditto "Metalocalypse".

"The Boondocks", for being the embodiment of the middle finger.

"The Venture Bros", for really being the geekiest comic-bookiest show ever, not some shitty cutesie shitcom.

And, FOX cartoons.
Except Simpsons, which needs to be put down like a sick animal.

There, I've gotten that off my chest, and I feel better.


hyla2 said...

But . . . SURELY you mean contemporary MTV, not the MTV of yore! What . . . what of Remote Control? Beavis & Butthead? Liquid TV? Aeon Flux?

What of Alex Winter's 'The Idiot Box'!??

. . . Okay, maybe not that one.

; )

Diacanu said...

Of course I mean I mean MTV now.

It's in the deep bowels of this blog somewhere, how I loved the old MTV,and the old shows...and how that MTV died a long time ago.

Also, remember "Daria"?
Remember how she hated dumb jocks, and dumb cheerleaders?

Well, they're the audience for all this "Jersey Shore", and "Teen Mom", horseshit.
Whatever you liked "Daria", or not, she warned us.
It was the canary in the mine.

Diacanu said...

Oh, and assume you've got your Aeon Flux DVD boxset, right?

hyla2 said...


One of these days. I'd picked up the three VHS collections back in the day, but I've long since lost track of them.


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