Friday, August 6, 2010

Notes on Heck 2.

Okay, so I truncated what was to be a 100-something page novella down to 5 measly comic pages.

So, what did you miss out on?

Not much.

A lot of the filler was going to be, that every time Heck accomplished a segment of his original mission, he was going to talk to Grug Goontz, and Grug Goontz would spew forth a crabby foul-mouthed rant on some topic pertaining to what had just happened.

Then, by the time we get to the 30 years hence Nolan Buckner segment, Heck would be about in his 60's, and have become bitter and crabby, and mutated into the new Grug, and rant some rants of his own at Nolan.

Well, I ended up ranting rants as myself on this blog, so, if you want the missing filler, just read the blog.

Oh, and of course, I make my own self-deprecating comment on all that in-continuity in minisode #41, so, everything's all hooked up, continuity wise.

Oh, and also, while all that Heck/Grug/Nolan stuff was going on, I somehow was going to weave in the techno-history stuff, and then for one last little capper, I was going to have Heck view an ancient re-run of "The Krazyfool Show", which would've been new to us, because it would've been a sequel to the original.

Well, have no fear, I'm actually going to write that as it's own separate thing, and it'll be longer than the truncated little skit it was going to be in Heck 2.

Oh, and as for the whole link to the rants, and the plot, my way of thinking was, that if Heck was the Harry-verse's Han Solo, then Nolan Buckner was going to be Luke Skywalker, and if that was going to be so, then Grug/Old-Heck were going to be Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the lessons they were going to teach were going to be things I found Obi-Wanny in my life, and that would be well, Carlin-y stuff, social criticism, social skepticism, and thus, the rants.

Buuut...I kinda covered a lot of that ground, at least the politics with my little allegory of the far-right and far-left in the original Heck.

So, I really didn't have to rehash all that ground, at least not in fiction.
Which is part of why I didn't write the thing in the end.
Too much was going on in it, it was unwieldy, it tried to do too much, and a lot of what it wanted to do had already been covered.

Or, would be covered more simply in another format.

So, yeah, I accomplished everything I was going to with Heck 2 with NLHH:DD.

Ya didn't miss anything.
I didn't screw ya.

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