Sunday, August 29, 2010


Pretty much my laughter rant stretched out into a whole book.

Ha ha, Provenza, mine was first!!

....and I gave it away for free...

....and his has filler, but the filler is interviews with all the greatest comedians ever....

Otherwise, I could've written it.

All I would have had to do, is gain access to that bunch, by being one of the greatest comedians ever myself.
And Provenza must be, even Carlin respected him.

And Carlin went and died on us, so...I can't even take a failed stab at that now.

But otherwise, I could have written it.

Anyway, great book, I gained a lot of insights and encouragement.

If you love comedy, and comedians, it's a must have for your reading table.

Aaand, that's gonna be added to the reading list as soon as I hit send...

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