Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Summer Movies Part 3. (Part 2.5)

And it's....

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Yep, totally had to double-dip this one.
People with more scratch are seeing it up to six times! :P

  • First time was a sensory overload try to take it all in. This time, I could digest it better.
  • Theater experience was better. People were quieter, there was less of them.
  • Had one stupid kid behind me eating with his mouth open, but I moved down a row, and it was all right. And, I ended up in my usual seat anyway. So it all worked out.
  • Man, I love Furiosa! She's gotta get a spinoff sequel.
  • I visually dissected it a bit this time, and...it's got everything I loved about 80's movies, you've got some Star Wars in there, you've got some He-Man, you've some Conan, it's a stew of pure goodness. 
  • That's what I love best, it's like the 80's never ended. We pick up right where we left off. 

So, yeah, don't just run out and see it, see it multiple times.
Twice, minimum.

Next time, Terminator Genisys.
Or, Vendetta (by the Soska Sisters).
Whichever I can get my eyeballs on first.


Diacanu said...

Or, Jurassic World if it gets good reviews.

B. D. said...

Was the kid behind you eating gummy peaches? :-) (reference to you talking about when you saw "Cool World" by yourself)

I would agree about Theron getting a spinoff. Hilariously enough I went home and watched the old episodes of "Arrested Development" she was in a decade ago right after that and it was pretty jarring (did you ever see that show? As fast as you binge-watch stuff you could probably knock that one out in like two weeks)

Since you mentioned "Jurassic World" (I'm going to skip--I never saw the sequels anyway and am not really much of a fan of the original JP, although the dinosaurs still look really impressive for something made in 1993): Have you noticed this strange trend of totally unknown/indie directors suddenly being handed the keys to gigantic studio blockbusters? The dude who directed "Monsters" gets the new "Godzilla," a dude who did romantic indie comedies gets "Amazing Spider-Man," I've never HEARD of the guy who did "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and everyone loves that, and now a guy who directed an indie based on the "Safety Not Guaranteed" meme gets "Jurassic World."

What do you think of THAT huh?

Diacanu said...

You'd never heard of James Gunn?

He did "Slither", "Super", and "Tromeo & Juliet".

He also wrote the "Dawn Of The Dead", remake, and both live-action Scooby-Doo movies.

B. D. said...

Okay, I should have looked through the guy's filmography (someone erroneously told me GOTG was his first movie!) And he's responsible for "Lollipop Chainsaw" too, heheh. Seeing as to how I have DOTD laying around I would have even heard the guy on the commentary track, auggghh...

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