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Quantum Dissolve: Chapter Twenty Four Point Five. (Dr. Herbert's thesis)

In ancient times, our ancestors subsisted on fruits, vegetables, occasionally meat from the hunt.

In modern times, we go out, and have a fast food meal.

A carbonated drink is a concentrated version of the sugars we once got from fruit, and a burger with bacon and cheese is a concentrated form of the fats we once got from game meats.

Our diet no longer resembles what our system was evolved for, but the same instinctual cravings are being served in a maximally intensified way.

To the detriment of our physical health.

Much like the moth to flame.
The moth orients itself by following the sun, and the flame is a little sun, that fools the moth, hijacks its survival traits, and causes its demise.

We call this phenomenon "supernormal stimuli".

And it's not just our diet, it's media, advertising, and religion.
Religion too, is a form of supernormal stimuli.

It's natural for a human animal to seek more life by surviving, but tell them they'll live FOREVER in a celestial kingdom, if they follow some arbitrary rules, well, then you've got them.

The survival imperatives of one human animal is hijacked by another human animal to gain advantage.
Like a cuckoo bird puts its egg into the nest of another bird to trick the other bird into raising its young.

All cons, indeed, all advertising, works on this basic principle.

There is no going back for us, we live in the age of supernormal stimuli.

The only thing we can try to do, is steer that towards higher goals for the survival and happiness of mankind.

In studying this phenomenon, I have found the answer to the problems that beset our species.

The superhero.
The superhero is the way to hijack supernormal stimuli back upon itself.
And the superhero is the perfect fit for our supernormal stimuli society.
Right down to the title.
What happy coincidence!
Or, is it?

The superhero, goes back to the mythical heroes of religions.
Hercules, Samson, Thor, etc.

In the 1930's, Norse myth was hijacked by the fascist movement to sell the Aryan blood myth bit of nonsense.

But, at roughly the same time, Jewish-American immigrants hijacked the uber-man back from Fascism, and turned its iconography back upon itself to fight Fascism.
All one needs to do, is look at the superhero based anti-Nazi war propaganda.

This was a genius stroke, and the core of what I mean to take to the next step.

Even within the comic book stories, we see the superhero taking his negative formative experiences, and turning them into an inspiration for good deeds.

This ties into my next theory.

All large hierarchical structures, including American society, are built upon a foundation of child abuse.
Verbal, physical, sexual.

It is not aberration, as most would wish, it is a feature.
It is a feature of our society.
Make no mistake in this.
The physically abused, their spirits broken, become the working class, the verbal abused, imitate their abusers, and become the political and media classes, the sex abused typically become the criminal class that the media uses to scare monger the working class into handing over their power to the state.

Child abuse is necessary to program the youth into fitting into a slot in the hierarchy.
When the hierarchy is resisted, the abuse worsens.
By all the tactics of all three classes.
You can see this again and again.

Lentilville is the perfect illustration of all of this.

If one opposes child abuse, they must have the moral clarity to oppose the hierarchy that fuels it, and feasts upon it.
This is the dark reality most people refuse to face.
I have faced it, and I have made my conclusions.

The hierarchy must be opposed, and ultimately brought down.

All other political systems have failed by not addressing this underpinning of abuse.
Socialist, Capitalist, Fascist, they all do it to varying degrees.

I assert it is always wrong, it is always evil, and no murmurings of "the greater good", will make it otherwise.

So, the authoritarian iconography of the supernormal stimuli hierarchy must be turned back upon itself, the way it was in the 1930's.

There must be superheroes.
Superheroes that resist the hierarchy of child abuse, and consumerism, and superstition, and all other forms of human predation.

And candidates will not be at all hard to find.
Especially in Lentilville.

They must be victims of child abuse, the system must have failed them utterly, but, they must have resilience, resolve, resourcefulness, and intelligence.

I believe, after 25 years, I have found strong candidates, and have been gradually grooming them towards my purposes.

As a fellow abuse sufferer, I think we will find an instinctual kinship.
They won't understand this, but I will.
That gives me an advantage, just in case.

Naturally, I have my doubts about this plan working.
Anything unprecedented is frightening.
But, after long consideration, there is nothing else in this world that would give me a sense of purpose.
As it must be for them.
Even though they probably don't understand why.
Well, I'll fix that part.

Dr. Herbert was dictating this into a headset linked to speech conversion software.
He sat back, read what he had, and nodded in approval.

The motion sensors around the house went off, and he saved the document, tapped away at some keys, and brought up the security camera feeds.

The Jade Shade and Chokecherry were here.

Chokecherry was young, roughly the age of Miley Cyruss.
Jade Shade was hidden under a mask, and lots of clothes, but he knew he couldn't have been much older, if at all.
He was shocked, but he reminded himself he shouldn't have been.
He would have preferred people in their mid-30's, but time would no longer allow a delay.
This was the generation he would have to tap.

He also reminded himself he was about their age when this whole journey started.

They made their way through the traps with his instructions, and were almost to the lab very quickly.

He got up, pushed in his rolling office chair, switched the PC screens to random screensavers of Omneron's invention, and hid in the supply closet, and put on a brave confident face that wasn't reflected by his nervous stomach.

Eventually, he heard footfalls, and murmuring sounds, and he stepped out.

"Welcome, to the Den Of Seclusion! I am Dr. Logan W. Herbert!".

And so it began....

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