Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I am Science!!", Episode #3

...with Dr. Logan W. Herbert.

My daughter asked me "Why can't I stop thinking?"

Network television, toxic toy plastics, and children's cereals clearly haven't had their desired effect.


Mark's Daughter, you're going to have to be very cautious amongst your teachers and peers for the foreseeable future.
Tell no one else what you've told me and your father.

It's very dangerous.
Believe me.

Mark, invest in self defense courses, and survivalist manuals for your daughter.

As for alleviating undesired thought storms, I find white noise quiets my mind.
Put it on C-Span.
Or, fire up the DVD of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".
You'll be comatose in no time.

I am made of science.

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