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History of the Harryverse. (Part 1)

History of the Harryverse.

Continuity version...

Event one, to 4 billion years ago-

The event known as The Big Bang occurs.
The universe is born.

Some time in the microscopic fraction of that moment, an energy pattern resembling a neural structure forms, and expands into a massive cloud of living energy.

At about the first actual full second, this "mind", splits via a sort of mitosis, into its "good", and "evil", halves.

These aspects battle each other within the stretched out time of the warp field of the universe's creation.
During this time warp, the first stars are born, the heavier elements are forged, the second generation of stars is born, planets form, the Earth is born, and the first microscopic organic life on Earth is born.

All of this passes as a matter of relative minutes for the two entities.

3.7 billion years ago-

The two entities burst free into normal time, and arrive in what we understand as the universe.

As part of their life cycle, the two entities scatter their version of spermatic material into various galaxies.
These "spores", go on to grow into smaller intelligences, that pose as deities on various planets, including Earth.

Weakened by their battle, and the expulsion of their reproductive matter, the entities seek to replenish themselves on two large stars, and merge with them so successfully, they BECOME their stars.

Over the millenia, the reproduction cycle, now fueled by the absorbed stars repeats, the "good", star giving rise to a race of benevolant hyper-intelligent energy beings, the "evil", star giving rise to a barely sentient species of energy forms more akin to a military weapon system.

The "evil", star would later be labeled by humans with the primitive moniker "the sun beast", and its robot-like minions "laser balls".

The "good", star's energy beings become the manifestation of their home-world's intelligence, so it never takes an identity, much less a name.
These beings resemble sapient starfish made of plasma and light, and get the moniker of simply "stars", from humans when contact is later made.

Subconsciously spurred on by the prior conflict of the original intelligences, the Stars, and the SunBeast/Laserballs learn of each other, and erupt into galactic war.

In the course of this great battle, many Stars and Laserballs are destroyed, and ultimately, the Star homeworld/star is destroyed, the Stars scatter across the universe, and establish colonies across various smaller stars throughout the Milky Way galaxy, including Earth's sun.

The Stars in the sun's core lay low in hibernation for millenia.

Approx 50,000 years BCE-

Members of the originall spawning cycle of the great entities arrive on Earth, read the minds of primitive human beings, and based on their dreams, myths, and superstitious fears/desires, pose as their deities, and begin shaping their civilizations.

3,000-800 years BCE-

The Egyptian and Roman civilizations coalesce, rise, and ultimately come in contact.

Along the way, their respective deities pass to human beings not only science and maths, but the secrets of manipulation of quantum fields, to produce various matter conversion effects, and enhancement of chemical reactions.
This particular science becomes superstitiously known as "magic", and/or "alchemy", and its practioners known as "wizards", "magicians", and "sorcerers".
These secrets pass covertly throughout the ages, soon becoming drowned out by more conventional sciences.

2,???-800 BCE-

An Egyptian wizard becomes so powerful and wicked, the court sorcerers are forced to combine their resources, and skills, and banish him to a parrallel netherworld.

This wizard is later reintegrated out in deep space by the teleporter system of an advanced alien race.

The wizard combines his magic with their technolgy, rises up and seizes their ship, then wins space battle after space battle, builds up a fleet of stolen ships, forges various alliances into a patchwork confederation, and becomes the galactic overlord, Vornoroth.

Vornoroth then aims his fleet back towards Earth to extract his revenge.

600 AD-

A magic-tech energy weapon falls through a temporal vortex from the future, merges with an iron rich stone, and becomes the sword Excalibur.

Excalibur chooses Arthur Pendragon, genetically bonds to him, and passes this link down to his descendants.

Arthur's genetic line would give rise many centuries later to one Harry Hembock.

1975-1980 AD-

Members of the Roboton race of transforming robots fall through a temporal vortex from the future, crash land on Earth, and go into hibernation.

Members of the Slarrg confenderation of shapeshifting lizard beings follow the Robotons through the vortex, pose as humans, found Chemomess Industries, use the resources of the company to locate, and reverse-engineer, Roboton tech, aiding in the technological explosion of the late 20th century.

The Blickley family, descended from Vornoroth, and keeper of his mystical secrets, merges their company with Chemomess, and become upper echelon members of its executive board.

1982 AD-

The Star race awakens from its hibernation, and seeing the distressing state of humanity, sends their greatest champion to assist them.

The being, upon arrival, discovers a Superman comic book, and uses matter transformation to take on aspects of the character's appearance, becoming Superstar.
Superstar begins his crimefighting career shortly after.

1983-1984 AD-

Chemomess industries, being irresponsible with human life, causes various ecological accidents which create numerous mutant super beings.

Various of these super beings go on to fight crime, learn of each other, and combine their efforts into the group known as "The P Team".

The Sun Beast learns of Superstar's presence on Earth, sends a contingent of Laserballs to investigate.

Jonathan Parks, a worker at Chemomess, has a lab accident that transforms him into the shapeshifting slime known as "The Glob".

A space police officer, and an evil wizard, Dr. Demonic, fall through a temporal vortex from the future.
The officer uses a stolen (from Dr. Demonic) magic-tech energy sword, goes under the name "Galaxy Gaurdian", fights Dr. Demonic instigated crimes, and henchmen, ultimately, re-opens the vortex, gets flung back in time again to the 1960's, becomes Harry Hembock's father.

Dr. Demonic, sucked up the same vortex, goes forward to the 1990's is killed by Harry Hembock.

The sword goes back to 600 AD, becomes Excalibur.

1985-1986 AD-

Laserballs attack Earth, Glob destroys/devours severall, gains his power of laser vision as a result.

Glob and Superstar join forces, destroy all of the Laserballs on Earth, combine their powers, and (with the aid of the P Team, and the entire Star Race) destroy the Sun Beast, an event which inadvertently, and unkowningly, creates the temporal vortex, a door in time that sucks even itself up, manifesting itself across history as multiple simultaneous time doors, causing various predestination paradoxes.

The Roboton awaken, instantly absorb English as a language, and remodel themselves to disguise as human vehicles and devices.
They're able to discern Slarrgs disguised as humans, and begin eradicating them.
This is percieved by the general populace as the murder of innocent human beings, so their camoflage disguises come in handy.

The Slarrgs within Chemomess engineer a robotic assassin to finish off the Robotons one by one.
It succeeds.

The human military, with aquired Roboton tech of their own, engineer a similar assassin droid who goes rogue, and destoys the base of the P Team, killing all inside.
The original age of heroes ends.

The two assassin droids destroy each other.

Chemomess absorbs the tech of all of the dead robots, Roboton or otherwise, soon unlocks the secrets of cyborgs.

1987-1988 AD-

Glob and Superstar continue their crimefighting careers solo, with occasional teamups.

Glob goes under the alternate egos of "Monster G.I.", and later, "Lieutenant Parks", when aboard the orbital fast food franchise the "U.S.S. Burger Boy".

1989 AD-

Harry Hembock undergoes his superhero origin, begins his crimefighting career as Harry Hembock: Hurt Hero.

Glob, Superstar, Marvin The Metamorph (a shapeshifting mutli-tool turned sentient), Robo-BoBo (a cyborg), Street Fight Pumpkin (a mutated human vegetable hybrid skilled in martial arts), George Ginespurn (an inventor), and The Twinkie (a twinkie mutated with every form of radiation, toxic waste, DNA manipulation, cybernetics, etc, with a ridiculously long trend-comics name too long to print here), form the team "The Superior Seven".

The Roborg, and the Shreikh, arrive from the future via the temporal vortex, begin immediatly battling each other, causing mass devastation.

The Superior Seven ally themselves with the Roborg, gain massive tech upgrades from them, aid in the decimation of the Shreikh.

The evil scientist, Brian Robber, becomes the official villain of Glob, Superior Seven, allies with the Shriekh.

The Shriekh with Brian Robber's help, wipe out the Roborg.

The Superior Seven wittle the Shriekh down to a small handfull that go into hiding.

Brian Robber constructs a power nullifier gun that can kill all super powered beings, wipes out all of the Superior Seven but Glob and Superstar, Glob kills Brian Robber, loses his powers, reverts to Jonathan Parks.

Superstar, distraught at the loss of his comrades, retreats into outer space.

Jonathan Parks, distraught at the loss of his powers, and fame, commits suicide.

Second age of heroes ends.

1990-1993 AD-

Harry Hembock rises up into a respected superhero, asborbs the tech of the Superior Seven, meets up with several allies, including Spruce, Dr. Spray, etc, creates Hembug, Omneron.

Harry and friends finish off the Shriekh, kill Dr. Demonic, Vornoroth, Nick Blickley, and others.

Harry destroys Chemomess, burns it down, becomes a fugitive.

Harry rediscovers his father's base, equipment, continues his legacy.

Harry saves enough people/shit to be pardoned.

21?? AD-

Mankind expands out into space, space police formed.

An order of Blickley/Vornoroth descended/inspired mystics forms an order lead by the future Dr. Demonic.

A temporal vortex sucks up Dr. Demonic, and a hapless space police officer sent to arrest him.

22?? AD-

Chemomess's original work in cybernetics has been continued by various other corporate entities, and pays off, humanity becomes relentlessly cyborg, culminating into total prosthesis.

Technological and magical humans schism.

28?? AD-

Prosthetic mankind become the Roboton.

The magical humans transfrom themselves to the point they forget their humanity, become the Slarrg, start a war with the Roboton.

Several Roboton, Slarrg, fall through a temporal vortex to the past.

3??? AD-

Roboton evolve into the the nano-biological Roborg.

Several Roborg fall back in time through the temporal vortex.

35?? AD-

Several Roborg cross breed with Slarrg, resultant crossbreed evolves into the Shreikh, several Shreikh fall back in time through the temporal vortex, initiate war with the Roborg, fall back in time again to the 20th century along with some of the Roborg.

4??? AD to the end of time-

Shreikh technolgy catches back up to the level of Roborg, Shriekh evolve back up to a cybernetic humanity.

Cybernetic humanity uses ultimately perfected teleport/conversion technology to transfrom themselves to humanoid Stars.

NuStars merge into a Reverse-Sun-Beast, merge with the temporal vortex, create a counter time warp, create the Big Crunch, merge with the Big Crunch, set off the next Big Bang, fuse the timeline into a loop.

NuStar-humanity-entity passes through the Big Bang, is split into the two entities again.

It all starts over with the past as the blueprint.

1994 AD-

Harry Hembock becomes aware of the cyclical nature of the universe, doesn't like its implications, creates a singletron bomb, creates his own open universe, shrinks down into it via a jury-rigged teleport.

Second timeline-

1989-1994 AD

Most of the same events surrounding Harry Hembock occur, but without the temporal goobledygook, and useless crappy ancillary characters.

1996-1997 AD

Harry has a few more sporadic episodes, defeats an evil version of himself, mostly retires.


Thin sprinkle of sporadic episodes, retroactive "lost episodes", rushing through commentary on the closing years of 1990's pop culture.

Harry, displeased with how the 1990's turned out, uses a rigged teleporter to go back, create yet a third timeline.

Third Timeline-


The "Nobody Loves Harry Hembock", universe.

2011 and beyond-

Harry merges with the second timeline, gets back many of its plot elements.

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