Sunday, September 13, 2015

QD:Season 2, Chapter 17. (Green Key/Laser-Jail)


January 13th.

"Once upon a time, there were a bunch of guys shooting each other with big guns...".


Harry Hembock threw his latest gadget on the ground a yard away from Lord Prizmus.

It was a metal box the size of a VHS tape, with a circular iris hatch on top.
The iris opened, and a beam shot out.
It was actually two beams overlapping.
A shrink ray, and a tractor beam.
Prizmus shrank, and was sucked up into the iris.
Once inside the box, a time-stopper field froze him like a bug in amber.

The iris closed, and a blinking indicator told Harry that Prizmus was safely contained.

He picked up the box, and took it back to his home base where he slotted it into a larger device the size of a tool-shed.
The contents of the box were sucked out, time-stopper energy and all, and held in place via a grid of intersecting tractor beams.

Harry called this larger machine "The Laser-Jail".

Young Mike Meggison snapped out of this fantasy, realized the time, and packed up and went home.

July 2nd, 2014.

Jade-Shade looked up at the Phileene's display that The Slicker had turned Peerless Person and Phenomenal Female into with amused admiration.

He then got everyone into Dr. H's van to clear the hell out before the morning customers filed in.

As he drove along, he switched his mask to "privacy mode".
Noise-cancelling technology would make him "muted", outside of the mask to others, but he could talk to himself, and work speech recognition controls inside the mask.

He voice recorded a diary entry on everything that had transpired in the last 24 hours, saved it as an MP3 file, and attached it, along with mask-camera video of the events themselves to an e-mail.
He plugged a gum-pack sized cellular modem into the USB on the mask, set up a wi-fi link, and sent the e-mail off to Mike Meggison.

Mike Meggison woke up at about noon time, and got the e-mail.
He watched the videos, listened to the MP3, fired up notepad, and began transcribing it all.

Then, he boiled it down to the essential elements, got it worded just how he liked it, saved the file, backed it up on a flash drive, and planned to upload it to Shmegalamonga.

The flash drive was a duplicate of the one JS had used to play music off of at the big superhero party.
A miniature JS head with a metallic green finish.

Mike had multiple flash drives, and the JS drive he called "the green key".

When he did a backup, he imagined it like Harry emptying a villain into The Laser-Jail.

Except in reverse, with the evil that JS defeated being drained away into a smaller talisman.

"Bullshit busters!", he whispered with a sly grin.

Mike ejected and removed the green key, held it up proudly, and almost kissed it, but thought better of it.

Mike looked at his black LCD monitor.
Two black soup can shaped speakers sat behind it on either side.

Next to the monitor/speakers, to the right, a black scanner/printer almost the same size as the computer tower itself.

Next to the printer, to the right again, sat the computer tower.
Again, black. It all matched.
There was no room on the desk, so it sat on Mike's bureau.

Two feet above the printer, thumb-tacked to the wall, was Hyla's pic of the Jade-Shade mask.
Mike looked up at it, and smiled.
He hoped JS approved of his labors.

Mike had posted a pic of this computer nook as "main navigation", of "The S.S. Shmegalamonga", in the post titled "Fish From The Quantum Sea #13".

And all his wall posters were posted as part of the "The Shit On My Walls", series.

To his left, a small two shelf file cabinet came up to the exact same height as his desk. The cabinet contained DVDs, and he also used it as an arm rest for his left arm, and a snack/lunch table.

Currently, Wembley the cat lay on it begging for attention.
Mike brushed cat hair off the "c", key.

Mike pet Wembley on the shoulder, and Wembley let out a chirp/grunt that sounded like "Mmnh!".

September 13th, 2015.

Mike Meggison put the finishing touches on "QD:Season 2, Chapter 17. (Green Key/Laser-Jail)", and got ready to dump it to "The Laser Jail", via the Green Key, and fire it off to Shmegalamonga.

Mike pet Wembley on the shoulder, and Wembley let out a chirp/grunt that sounded like "Mmnh!".

He fired up Shmegalamonga, hit "new post", pasted it over, let the form field do spell-check, pasted the spell-checked version back over to the notepad to be the final version, pasted in the code for the "read more..", in the form field version, and hit the orange "publish", button.


B. Dee said...

Are you going to see this movie, right here? Interested? I kind of am...

Diacanu said...

At the very least, its got to be better than "The Visit".

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