Monday, April 27, 2015

Documentaries I want (Number 13, AGAIN)

Following after "Rewind This", and "Adjust Your Tracking", we've got two more VHS documentaries coming.

"Plastic Movies Rewound", and "VHS Massacre".

So far, they've only got Facebook pages.

Plastic Movies Rewound

VHS Massacre

"Plastic Movies Rewound", has a trailer.

PLASTIC MOVIES REWOUND sizzle reel from Mike Malloy on Vimeo.

As does "VHS Massacre".

"Plastic Movies", has Len Cella from "Moron Movies".


And "Massacre", has Lloyd Kaufman (yet again!).

Bring 'em on!!
You folks make 'em, I'll collect 'em.

So, the list is back up to 13 again
(after recently whittling down to 11).

And the books...

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Diacanu said...

Remember, future self, "30 Years Of Garbage", counts as 14, so if/when the next one comes, that's 15.

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