Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shmegalamonga favicon!

Finally added one!

You folks probably noticed before now, but it finally kicked in for me.
Uploaded the damned thing 8 days ago.

Went 6 years not knowing how to add one, and it was right there in my face on the goddamned layout options, I just didn't know those little things were called "favicons".

And, when you ask people "how do you change that little logo that loads up in the corner?", you get "duhhhhh *tongue hangs out*".

Anyway, Hyla found it, I saw he had one, and just when I was gonna ask how he did it, he put it in his latest S.O.T.G.A.

Thanks, Hyla. :-D


Hyla Tracy II said...

You're welcome.

It looks good too, like some sort of weird, monstery superhero logo!


B. D. said...

Did you hear about the new Kirk Cameron movie "Saving Christmas," KF? Are you gonna watch it? Huh?

Diacanu said...


Nahhh, the trailer was bad enough.

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