Friday, May 31, 2013

All the Human Centipede 3 news that's fit to print.

So, they started filming last sunday.

Wednesday, we got some casting news.

Eric Roberts is the mystery celebrity Tom Six has been coyly hinting at for some months.

Also featured will be Tiny Lister, who some may remember as "Zeus", from Hulk Hogan's first feature, "No Holds Barred", and, as the convict who threw away the detonator in "The Dark Knight".
And, Robert LaSardo, from the "Death Race", remake.
And, Bree Olson, the porn star.
And, of course, Dieter Laser, Laurence Harvey, and Tom Six.

Here's what we know about the film itself-

It's going to have a 500 person 'pede.
It's going to have helicopter shots, and machine guns.
It's going to make part 2 look like a Disney film.
Parts of it are going to be filmed in real prisons (this must be to facilitate the wrangling of the 500 victims).
10 lucky fans will get to be in the 'pede.
The tagline will be "100% politically incorrect".
Tom Six asked fans early on for a guide to every scrap possible of American profanity.
It's going to resolve the mysterious endings of parts 1 & 2.
Animals are going to be involved.
Dwarves are going to be involved.
Repeated reference has been made to McDonald's food on the twitter feed, food might be a target of social/cultural lampoon...possibly 'pede fuel (my conjecture).

So, yeah, it's basically going to be a three ring circus of filth and depravity.
With Tom Six as the naughty Roman emperor orchestrating the festivities.

It's already a horror classic without us seeing a scrap of footage.
Haven't been this excited since "Freddy vs. Jason".

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