Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sony-Spidey cinematic universe updates (Part 4).

*Sigh* damn you, Sony...

All right, so here's the deal....

Sony got hacked, their inter-office E-mails got leaked, and the Sony/Marvel Spidey/Avengers deal was indeed a real thing.

BUT, nothing came of it.
They wanted more creative control over Spidey than Marvel was willing to give, even though Marvel was willing to split the profits 60/40.

BUT, after the leaks, the higher-HIGHER ups at Sony Japan, bleeding from the ass over the hacks, now want the deal to go through, and are willing to let Marvel make them squeal like piggies to get the tattered Spidey franchise off their hands.

SOOO, this would mean a re-reboot of Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no more Andrew Garfield, and "Venom", "Glass Ceiling", "Aunt May", and "Sinister-Six", being dead as a doornail.

BUT, it also leaves Marvel floundering where to put Spidey.
He'd be a natural for "Civil War", because he was heavily involved in that arc in the comics, but the script for that film is a lock (although, seems to me, filming a little cameo scene, and cutting it into the film wouldn't be an extraordinary measure).

They could certainly get him into "Infinity War".

Keep in mind, the deal hasn't gone through yet, and shit could still happen, but that's where it is right now.

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