Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quantum Dissolve: Chapter 29. (Chokecherry meets Eidolon)

Meanwhile, while JS was having his tear drenched reunion with his long lost brother....

Chokecherry was laying stomach down in bed, out of makeup, back bandaged up, when she saw her.
A 14 year old girl casually walked by her bedroom window in the hallway outside.

She stood about five and a half feet tall, jaw length black hair with a blue streak in front, wearing a black trench-coat, black t-shirt, black Dock Martins, blue shorts, a wide black belt with a crooked-y buckle, fishnets, blue rimmed glasses, and pale blue lipstick.

She was casually punching away at a blue tablet PC, and carried herself like she belonged there.

Chokie leapt out of bed, and ran towards the door to the large room JS and her had made into their apartment, and around the long way to the hallway.

"Hey!! You!! Girl!! Stop!!", she hollered.

The girl did stop.
Not at all surprised.
Still acting like she belonged there.

"Who are you, and how did you get in here?", Chokie demanded.

The girl stifled an annoyed laugh, and spun her tablet screen around to face Chokie's field of view.

"I've BEEN here, lady", she said.

Chokie saw the screen.
It was an Omneron head with control menus off to the side, and a virtual keyboard underneath.

"I'm Omneron. Have been the whole time. I'm part of this operation. I've been helping you guys all along".

Chokie looked stunned for a split second, enough for the girl to jump in, and continue.

"What? You thought dad had actually invented sentient AI? Really? What are you, some kind of idiot? That shit's 20 years away! I mean, I know dad's smart, but he ain't magic. Boy, I hope your boyfriend isn't as stupid, or this whole thing is fucked".

"Watch your language, young lady", Chokie said, not knowing what else to add.

Chokecherry thought for a second, and said "wait, you said your dad, do you mean Dr. H?".

"Um, YEAH", the girl snarked.

"Why didn't he mention anything about you living here?", Chokie asked.

"Well, technically, you guys are homicidal maniacs. He had to see if you were trustworthy before allowing you near his precious daughter", she replied, almost bored.

"So, why are you parading around where I could see you?", Chokie asked, indignant.

The girl shrugged.
"It's my fuckin' house, I'll go where I want. We were going to meet anyway".

"Language", Chokie scolded.

"Gimme a break", the girl said with an annoyed grimace.

"What do I call you, anyway?", Chokie asked, realizing Omneron couldn't possibly be her birth name.

"Dad saddled me with Winnifred, but I prefer my internet handle, Eidolon. It's like a ghost", she said.

"Or a shade?", Chokie said with a smirk.

"Don't be cute", Eidolon snapped back.

"Watch it, brat, I'm a homicidal maniac", Chokie shot back with another smirk, and a mock raised fist.

Eidolon smirked back.

"Eidolon it is then", Chokie said, and held out her hand to shake.

Eidolon held out her fist for a fist bump instead.

Chokie completed the bump.

They walked down the hall together in the original direction Eidolon had been heading in.

After a minute, Chokie asked "Omneron sounds familiar, by any chance..".

"From the Harry Hembock comics, yeah", Eidolon jumped in.

"Yeah, a lot of that going around", Chokie said with a grin.

Eidolon started playing some annoying Japanese puzzle game involving dancing globs of ice cream.

"Say, are you the one that did the pictures of Jadey n' me in the entrance of the den of seclusion?", Chokie asked.

"Yeah....but don't tell anyone".

"...I won't", Chokie said with a wink.
"Are you gonna be in deep shit with your dad for talking to me?".

"Probably", Eidolon responded, zombie-like, wrapped up in the game.
"What's he gonna do? Ground me? Pfftt".

"Can I call you Eidie?", Chokie asked.

"If you want to die in your sleep", Eidolon said, still in game zombie mode.

Chokie grinned.
Eidie it would be.

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