Thursday, April 15, 2010

On human sexuality (part 2)

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(Same parental advisory as last time)

Ah, it's such a rich subject, where to start....

The fucking of children.

Yeah...I just don't see the appeal...and that's putting it mildly....

Clearly, pedophiles are seeing something I ain't.

So, pedophiles, having some sort of brain damage, not only find these ugly weird little creeps sexy, but so damned sexy, they're willing to invest a lot of brainpower, man hours, and burnt calories into the desperate effort to get their genitalia in the vicinity of these hideous little creatures.

Some are willing to put in the minimum effort of buying a creepy old window-less van, and a bucket of Hershey's miniatures.

Some are even willing to go through all the effort of gaining a teaching degree.

But, this is where it gets really strange, and says something about the human mind.

Some are willing to concoct an elaborate and ridiculous bullshit story, get millions of people to believe that bullshit story, using a big bucket of fear that rests on yet another bullshit story, and then organizing the fearful believers in the bullshit story into a club, and over time, growing that club into a global racket, that has its tendrils in all walks of life, subverting and sabotaging every step of the way, any thought modalities, persons, or institutions that could expose and unravel its bullshit story, or in any other way damage or bring down the edifice of its organization, and taking CENTURIES of furious fevered labor to build all this up.

Part of that fevered labor even including wars.

And then, in the day-to-day of said organization, to devote one's entire life, to the grim, gray, gloomy, punishing, tedious, sanity rotting, slog of lying one's ass off to throngs of credulous followers, reading mountains of texts on the bullshit that defends the bullshit, wearing foolish costumes, performing nonsense rituals, reciting droning impenetrable nonsense tracts in a dead language, forsaking all fun in life, all the enjoyable little indulgences and frivolities that keep a person sane, being exposed to nothing but bland ancient warbling zombie music, all within a cloistered and insulated micro-culture.... not only get their genitals near children, but to have virtual immunity in doing so...

Wow, that's a devotion to a sexual quirk.

Shit, I'm not even willing to put myself through the psychological discomforts of a cubicle job to earn a fancy car to get a shallow woman like most stupid asshole guys in this country.

Hell, once Suicide Girls started charging, I walked away.

But to create a whole religion, that makes the whole fucking planet its bitch, just to fuck something as disgusting as kids?

Wow...that's....really something.....

That is one savage fucking monkey that pedophiles have on their back.

One has to stand in awe.

I don't think even heroin addiction can claim anything as gloriously horrific as that under its belt.
And I've heard some pretty white-knuckling stories.

So, that's pedophilia for ya.

Now, on to homosexuality.

Your homosexuals have to put up with a lot of shit, including being perpetually lumped in with the pedophiles.

Happened yet again just yesterday, as I recall.

Sex with dudes...

Yeah....not seeing the appeal there either.

Yeah, I was in scouts, and yeah, they made me watch Top Gun, but that's as far as it went.
*Scout's honor salute*

But y'know what the gays ain't doing?
They ain't messing with kids.
They tend to fuck other men.
Kind of how the whole deal works.

And culture warriors, go right ahead an make a sour wince at the pride parades, shit, when I see painted man-ass, I look away myself, especially if I'm trying to eat.
But, notice something about them.
Know what the pride paraders ain't doing?
Decreeing a bunch of "thou shalt nots", imposing their will on world governments, and making themselves above the law to do horrible exploitative shit to people who find it unwelcome.

And no, your personal visual "ick", factor being intruded on, or your "right", to find gay unions/marriages objectionable enough to try to stop, or roll back doesn't compare.

If you think so, you're a nasty wackaloon, or an incredible pussy that hasn't experienced real hardship in life.

So lose the victimhood, 'phobes, it's a big sack of bullshit, and everyone can see it.

So, yeah, homosexuality, not my bag, but unlike pedophilia not being my bag, I don't harp on it like I do the pedophiles, because they ain't hurting anyone.
How do I know this?
A little thing called "consenting adults".
There literally can't be such a thing as a victimless crime.
Crimes need victims.
Kind of how that whole thing works.

So, with that established as the standard, let's look at some of the other shit that ain't my bag.

Shitting on people.
Consenting adults.
Nunna my business.

Being shat upon.
Consenting adults.

Bondage shit, especially whip shit, and nut-crushing.
Consenting adults.

Come on, folks, isn't that just greedy?
Oh, well, consenting adults, and all that, my hands are tied to say anything...
Now, if there was some other thing besides chicks, that was like chicks-plus, I'd be technically bisexual for that thing, but all there is besides chicks is guys.
Blechh, really? Just guys? That's all they could come up with?
Tch, damn, I wanted that uninhibited "shopping spree", feeling bis must have.
Oh, well.

Eating another man's cum.
I hear this is big in the cuckhold scene, not for me, and it's a big part of why they were unable to sell me on the whole homosexuality/bisexuality package.
But guess what?
If other adults consent to it, none of my fucking business.

Watching another dude fuck my old lady.
Look, I'm having a hard enough time finding me a chick, but then after all that wining, dining, and charming, I'm gonna let my buddies all take her for a test drive?
Nuh uh.
You freeloading assholes do your own damned heavy lifting, I'm gonna let you have free pussy after the crap I went through?
Maybe I'm not sophisticated or secure enough, but screw it, go ahead, and call me old fashioned.
Not my bag, but guess what?
If other adults can get over their inhibitions, and go for that shit, who am I say?
None of my fucking business.

Watching another chick munch on my old lady.
This is great in a fantasy, or a porno, but the real life practical problems outweight the pluses.
But, same as above, if other people manage it with no emotional weirdness, who am I to say?

Hell, even shit like donkey-punching, Dirty Sanchez, and angry dragon, if someone said "yes", to that shit, why is it my business, much less that of a public moral crusader?

The fucking of animals.
Well...y'know what, I mostly don't give a shit, frankly.
The chick's into it, the horse is into it, legally, it ain't consent, and if they get caught, the chick goes to the slammer, but I personally don't care.
The 'phobes love to toss this one out on the slippery slope for gay marriage.
"First gays, then polygamy, then ANIMALS!".
All three don't effect me, and therefore, don't phase me.

If we're willing to chop an animal to little bloody pieces, and devour its flesh, and show pictures of the roasted flesh in commercials at prime-time where small children can see it, then, giving the same animal an orgasm isn't the worst thing we can be doing to it.

Fucking an animal is as alien to me as attraction to children, but unlike the latter, I can't find many persuasive arguments anymore as to why this is supposed to morally outrage me.

Well, okay, I don't want anyone raping my cats.
That'd be creepy.
But, I think property rights come into play there, cold-blooded as that may seem.

And you can damn well bet I'd ridicule anyone I found out was doing this shit until they went to a rubber room, or moved.

I mean, come on, I don't care how hard up you were, buddy...

But, sorry, I'm having a hard time putting that on par with child rape.
Can't manage it.
You folks out there failed to persuade me.
Blame yourselves for being in-eloquent.

So, I guess I've utterly failed in my original mission to mock all the sexualities and kinks, and heap damning shame upon the whole human race.

It really does come down to it's the pedophiles who are criminal scum, as is the RCC for being their little protection agency.

Don't you hate it when a plan doesn't come together exactly how you wanted?
So depressing.
I'm not the "hate filled monster", my WF detractors painted me as.
What kind of hate-monster screws up at hate this badly?
Oh, well, guess I'll just post this thing, then.
How I'll live with myself, I dunno.

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