Sunday, April 25, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #11.

Oh, speaking of apologies for bullshit...

Still dead silence as far as an apology for the whole "climategate", deal.

Now, while the righties thought it was real, they wanted everyone to get on their hands and knees, and cut themselves open with box cutters in humiliated degraded defeat.

They didn't get that, of course.

Ah, but did they get dead silence?

Nope, it was gotten to the bottom of.
Quite vocally.

And it was a bunch of shit.
And not just shit, but cynical political Rupert Murdoch bullshit.
Y'know, Murdoch, of the legion of sociopaths.

Anyhoo, climate change is still real.

"Climategate", was another slimy ploy from the science denialists.

And the apology? Dead silence.

Oh well.

Maybe it's best not to wait for the apology that never comes.
Maybe it's best to anticipate the silence like an old friend.
Yeah, I think that's the healthier way to look at it.
Kick up my feet, and listen to the fuckin' crickets.


Phil Rimmer said...

The silence is spooky. This cooked up "scandal" may be a brilliant test we can clearly and publicly apply to any AGW denier. I would be more inclined to respect the views of a denier who said, "Well false alarm on that one, but..." BUT from every other one that doesn't accept the alarm was false and will admit so, we are now entitled to publicly dismiss them as mere political propagandists and therefore valueless to rational argument.

By the way, Mike...postcards...shit hot. Mojo now turboed.

Henry said...

I don't think the Murdoch press and the rest of the denial lobby ever thought that they could win the argument on scientific or rational grounds. So depite this result, they've still got what they wanted all along - which was to present the appearance of a real debate on the issue and to dilute public opinion enough so that nothing major will be done to stop AGW.

Diacanu said...

Phil, thanks.
And good idea there.

Diacanu said...


You're probably right.

Whelp, just more mess to clean up.

It can be done, they're not gods.
Just snakey liars.
They've lost in history before.

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