Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Media of the dead.

"Lyeeebruuuul myeeedia!!!", the piggies squeal.

Go fuck yourselves.

Okay, jackasses, where was this "lyeebruul media", in the drumbeat up to Iraq?

Some true commie hippie action would've actually come in handy there.
How much has that cost now?'
A cool trillion?
Yeah, but snivel about the price tag on health-care and NASA.

Nope, gonna take me a long damned time to forgive the media for dropping the ball on that shit. 4,000 dead American boys n' girls, and pushing towards 100,000 dead Iraqis.

And where's that damned hippie media bringing that up?

Where were they beating Bush with those numbers like a baseball bat?
Outside of a genuine hippie protest, where was it?

Leeebrul myeedia?
Fuck you.
Cross-eyed jackasses.

Yeah, you got a lot to answer for, corporate whore media.
100,000, that's a lot of blood.
You can goddamned bet your asses a few truckloads of that are on your hands for being lapdogs when it counted.

Oh, and Katie Couric?

That was nice.
That was sweet.
But you've got a long way to go.
Lot more washing before the blood is off.

If you're sleeping like a baby at night, you fucking shouldn't be.

Shit, you only got the bat out after Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton told your lot to "grow a pair".

Pretty bad when the comedians have to wake you.

But, that's where we're at.

The real news has turned into a Simpson's parody, so us goofballs have to get preachy.

S'how the cycle goes...

Shit, y'know, they still haven't fully woken up...

Even during the whole MCCain/Palin/Joe-the-plumber debacle, where was this "leeebrul myeedia", commenting on this savage and scalding Rolling Stone piece?

If that had exploded in the mainstream, I'dve thought it would have left mister "I was never a maverick", lying upside down with all fours in the air.

Or, how about that piece I just posted on Bill Black?


And you won't see it on the news.

Where's the network news on Blackwater, or Monsanto?

Again and again "where? Where? Where?".

In walking dead mode, that's where.

Leebrul myeedya?

Walking dead myeedya.

Walking fucking dead media.


My ass.

You clot-headed saps don't know what an actual liberal looks like.

I'M the liberal media, motherfuckers.

Me, and all my nosy-kid pals in the Scooby van.

And you'll be too busy sniffling about us ruining your belief in ghosts to thank us for stopping the crooked land developer.

Ah, well.

Until then, keep tilting at that zombie media.

But for crying out loud, would you stop calling it the wrong name?

It's not that it wounds us leebruls, it's just you sound so dumb saying it wrong.

It's like Biff in "Back To The Future", saying "make like a tree, and get outta here!".

Just dumb.


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