Friday, April 16, 2010

On Weirdness.

(Slogans 10, Innerspace 23, self-esteem 9)

When I was growing up as a kid, I thought I was weird, and reveled in my weirdness.

But, I look back at the things I enjoyed, and thought were weird, and thought made me weird for enjoying, especially now that I have them all shrunken down into the Dingoo to fly through like a channel changer, and...they're not weird.

They're truthful.

Violent horror
, for a start, that's truth.
A monster wouldn't just choke you like in an old black & white horror flick, they'd tear you apart, and eat you.
A zombie wouldn't be a pale human walking like Frankenstein, they'd be a rotting oozing farting carcass.
A werewolf transformation wouldn't look like the Wolfman, it'd look like An American Werewolf In London.

And shit, monsters wouldn't exist anyway, real horror is serial killers, and untrustworthy manipulators.

Anyway, the best horror books/flicks are done by people with a satiric bent to the whole thing.

The weirdos.

Who are really truth tellers.

And every other kind of weirdness taps into that same vein as satiric gore horror.

Black comedy.

Edgy satire.

Gross jokes.

All of that stuff.

And that's why weird always felt normal to me.

It fucking is.

It's "normal", that's abnormal.

Watered down, fake, ball-less, soulless, bloodless, pablum to make lame, stupid, boring, middle-class white people with no imagination feel safe.
Both culturally, and politically.

But, normal people like me are seemingly, a minority, at least in America, so...I am weird after all.

I'm literally in Bizarro world.

Nothing about the world, as it currently is, makes any sense whatsoever, except in that context.

Seen through that lens, everything makes perfect sense.

I'm in the world where normal sane people are freaks, and indoctrinated intellectual retards, and their sociopathic herders, and their horrible political ideals and agendas are considered the normal people.

It all becomes perfectly clear when I simply take it as wrote that I'm in Bizarro world.

The static of frustrated confusion dissolves, and the image becomes crisp and pure.

As for fitting in with, or compromising with the Bizarros/normals/lizards, my final answer
Sorry, no.

If the answer was ever going to "yes", I wouldn't have strained and struggled so much the last 35 years, it would have just come natural.

So, no.

I'm all done.

And...part of that, I'm not even going to dignify the bullshit by talking at their level with their bullshit language anymore.
Even that gives it too much respect.
If I wanna slough off this Bizarro/bullshit culture, I gotta go all the way.

Religion? Mythology worship.
People that lie their asses off, and get people killed?
Lying savages.
God? Invisible sky daddy.
On and on.
I'm gonna take that whole deal to the limit.
I'm done calling things their cute little self-claimed euphemisms.

Shit, this is something I should have transitioned over to after the "laughter rant".
That was my mission statement/manifesto right there.

So, yeah, I'm reiterating all that, and getting ready for the next stage of material.

I dunno what to call it yet, but, I consider it the sequel/continuation/realization of "slogan series".
Indeed, everything that's down there in the "labels", part of this post.
Or, more truthfully, that's all ret-conned into a prequel to this new bit.

Which, I consider to be "season 2", of Shmegalamonga.
Everything up to now "season 1".

Anyway..title, title....
Bulletins from bizarro world?
Eh...DC has the trademark on that....
Bulletins from bullshitville?
Eh...then it sounds like I'm the bullshitter.

I'll work on it.

Feel free to submit suggestions, dear reader.

As for the lying savages....I've actually been holding back.
Enough of that.
You gotta get out the baseball bat, and hurt these people, that's all they understand.

I'm pushing through to the next level of freedom on this.

And reveling in my weirdness.

Fellow weirdos, feel free to hop on board for the journey.

Lying savages, go mouthwash with an Uzi clip.

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