Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #16.

The myth-cult-kidfuckers story keeps gathering more stupid like a rolling snowball.


All right, check this out...

Mr Noorani, whose identity has until now remained secret, was moved to “other duties” after he gave authorisation for the memo to be sent to Downing Street and three Whitehall departments.


One source said: “The most striking thing about the Foreign Office team has been how ineffectual they are. They have been disengaged and, frankly, clueless.

Well, clearly, they wanted the man fired.

Okay, anyone see the irony in Catholics blubbering that a guy got moved around, instead of being fired?
It's beyond irony, a word has to be invented.

And note this bit...

Although the Vatican is now trying to draw a line under the memo fiasco, Papal aides believe the Government’s choice of non-Catholic staff typifies the “lack of respect” being shown towards the first ever state visit by a Pontiff.

So, only Catholics can/should handle the visit?
What shrieking entitlement these people have.
It just pours off them.

And DEMANDING respect!

What did this asshole do to be respected?

His former job was kid-fucking damage control.
And it's all come out, so he failed at that.

So, what're his other accomplishments?
He got a bunch of other old assholes to elect him pope?
And what's that?
Running around in a stupid costume?
5 year olds in Superman capes do that shit.

That demands respect?

Another new word has to be invented for the new level of entitlement we're dealing with.

I welcome reader suggestions.

In other news...

Still no answer to my challenges.

And liars, crooks, and thugs continue to run the planet.

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