Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The real life walking dead.

Where to start?

How about preachers who are not believers?

Can you imagine that existence?

Imagine everything I described about the hideous slog of the pedophile pretending to be into Catholicism to get his rape, except remove the payoff of pedophilia.

You get nothing, you get nothing for payoff, and have to live that awful life, pretending to believe in horseshit, and lying to people day in, day out.
Everything out of you is a fucking lie.

Not just words, but every move, every breath, every blink...a lie.

I got no sympathy for these people.
Maybe if they're guilty, and get out of it, but otherwise, fuck 'em.

They died a long time ago.

And for what?
Some security?
Some coooomfoort?
Like I said back then, fuck your comfort.
Lotta horrible shit seems to get done in the name of comfort.
Fuck it.
The argument don't wash with me, flapjack.

So, yeah, the clearest example is these religious liars, but we see it in almost every walk of fucking life.

People in jobs they hate, and don't get the balls to leave, people in shitty marriages they're too scared and lazy to dig out of, etc, etc.

They died a long time ago.

They're the walking dead.

And let me clarify, it's not just the selling out, it's the act of NEVER being your authentic self that qualifies it as living death.
You're literally not living your life, some artificial puppet shell is living it for you.

I remember once, back in the 90's some critic saying "all Howard Stern does is say what people think".

Well...if everyone thinks it, why don't they say it?

So they can "get along out in the world"?

Look at the fucking news, it hasn't worked.

You know the truth, but you live a lie, simple as that.
No sympathy.
Fuck yourselves.

Again, it's not JUST the selling out, like, okay, having a shitty job you hate for awhile, until something better comes along, I can forgive that, I got no problem.
I don't bat an eye at that.
Being stuck in that job longer than you wanted due to circumstances, fine, fine, hell, even being stuck in it all your life, and having regret, okay, that's life, I'll give you that.

BUT, when you had a chance to walk away, but you were too scared of losing your cushy lifestyle, or too lazy to upset the applecart, or you were too addicted to...some sick thing, like you got a power trip from the boot-licking "respect", of the very co-workers you hated, or some idiotic and diseased shit like that, fuck off.
And if it's a job at a corrupt company, that you know has blood on its hands, double-scoop fuck off, with a cherry on top, and sprinkles.
You're dead.
You died.
You're dead people.

There's no respect or forgiveness for dead people.
You made your choices.
You ate the brains.
Fuck off.

And that all comes back around to these fucking clergy assholes, they ALWAYS fall under that category, because if telling people the earth is flat, when they know it isn't, and patting the people they just lied to on the head, and sending them on their merry way, isn't selling out one's convictions, then nothing is.

There's no wiggle room there.

The yuppies, I take on a case-by-case basis.

The politicians, I just assume.

And it goes back to the Stern thing, if he gets the ratings he does, and his fans are people who think what he says, but don't say it, then there's a LOT of walking dead assholes out there.

And for what?
To fit in with a bunch of fake people who don't even truly exist, because they're all repressing their true selves too?

Something went wrong somewhere.
Something went really, really, wrong.

And if it was a toxic spill, that caused a literal zombie outbreak that you could see, we'd be getting together, and doing something about it.

But nope, it's all silence.
And the occasional groan.

BUT....who knows?
Maybe they're still in there somewhere, barely alive, and can be saved...



The people working on the antidote had better hurry up...

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