Sunday, April 25, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #10.

So, Large Hadron Collider....

...didn't destroy the world.

So um...where's the apology, fellas?

Not just no apology, dead silence.

Always the dead silence.

Remember Y2K?

Didn't happen.

No apology.

Not even acknowledgment.

Dead silence.

Is this something humans just DO?
And I'm just supposed to know it?
Do I have a broken chip?
Am I really that fucking weird?

Or, is there a secret little rulebook for bullshit that gets handed around?

Page 1.

"Lie your ass off for all you're worth, doesn't matter about what, just make a BIG fucking noise, then...go dead silent. Drives that one guy in Maine crazy. It's a hoot".

Fuggin pods....

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