Monday, April 26, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #14.

As I brought up in the last one, "offended Muslims", butt-hurt Catholics, and sniveling tyrants all seem to have one common feature.
They want someone's head on a platter for their precious wounded feelings.

And it's not just them....

You've got Monsanto stomping on farmers that did nothing wrong, just because they claim to own life, you've got the beef industry going after Oprah just for saying she personally prefers not to have a burger, just to scare the shit out of anyone else, it's all instances of the powerful stomping on the innocent to keep their power through fear.

Or, in the case of the Muzzies, the powerless seeking power through fear.

I'm done calling this behavior, and the people who practice it anything else but thuggery, and thugs.

These are thugs.

It's sad, we've come so far technologically, but politics and business wise, we've been dragged back to the days of Thomas Nast, and Goya.

We've gotta do all that hard work all over again.

They keep coming back, these people, they never leave us.

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