Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I were really "full of hate"...

...y'know what I'd do?

First thing, I'd do, is get into politics.

I'd rise up really high in that, and then right off the bat, soon as I had the power to do so in my talons, I'd start sabotaging public schools any way I possibly could.

Then, I'd fuck up the economy.

Especially in the poorly educated areas.

Then, I'd take all these poor ignorant people with no other options, and shove as many as I could into military service.

Y'know, by penning them in with the circumstances I just set up, and with slimy propaganda from my business criminal buddies.
Propaganda that critical thinking could have shielded them from, but haha, I fucked up their education.

Then, I'd help drumbeat up a nice war-for-profit that kills off a bunch of these young kids, and rake in a big fat suitcase of money or two, or three, or five off of that.

Oh, and the dead kids?
Beautiful funerals.

Then, me and my criminal buddies, we'd go out on the veranda, smoke cigars, sip expensive wines, and emit rancid cancerous cackles over awful jokes about wife beating.

Yep, that'd be a helluva racket.

If I hated my fellow man enough.

Tch, ah, well...

(Part 2)

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