Thursday, April 29, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #21.

Somewhere, someone tells the one they love "I hate you!".

Somewhere, someone screams, shouts, and terrifies, in the name of "some goddamned peace and quiet".

Somewhere, someone drinks to forget unpleasant experiences brought on by alcohol consumption.

Somewhere, someone shoots up to take away the pain of being alienated by their addiction.

Somewhere, someone wire-taps and spies in the name of "liberty".

Somewhere, someone prays to God to finally return, and end all the gloom and horror in the world let loose by religion.

Somewhere, someone stuffs their face full of starch, sugar, and grease, then looks up at a sky polluted by methane from cow-shit lagoons, then across the street at a farm, abandoned because it was driven under by a subsidized corporation that churns out commodity crops, and then across the parking lot at the diabetes clinic that just opened up, then licks the burger wrapper, crumples and tosses it, and says "such a shame, but what can ya do?".

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