Thursday, April 29, 2010

Postcards from Podsville #25.

The talk I wish someone had given me in my teens.

Okay, kid, don't be an idiot.

Go to college, take classes in journalism, use that to wheedle into being a film critic, like you contemplated.

C'mon, it's like all those MAD magazines you read as a kid, your brain totally ticks on that wavelength, it's a natural.

And if you end up not wanting to do that forever, you'll have the journalism to fall back on, plus, can use it to crowbar into any other writing thing you want to do.

Get a book or two under your belt, you can use that to get into comics, it's a swiss army knife into anything you want to do.

See? An actionable plan.

See, the assholes at school ain't telling you this, cuz they don't know.
They want drones.
And speaking of that, another reason to go for film critic.
Do it, or else, you'll end up putting up with the evil stupid bullshit that I'm having to tell your 20-something self about.

And if you don't think you can be a journalist, because you're not one of the jerks on the school paper, and the teachers make of the jerks who are on the school paper...
..fuck 'em, they're going nowhere.

Same reason not to stress ANY of the people hassling you here.
They're all bald drunks now.
Stop sweating it.

But DO sweat school.
Get your ass in gear, and get some good grades.

Otherwise, you'll be writing dirty angry blogs, and still working up the nerve for standup comedy in your 30's.

And also, the horrible jobs.

Read that if you ever need help focusing.

Focus, lad, focus.


Diacanu said...

Well, there, it may be too late for me, but if I can help some parallel me out there, my life was of use, and I can sleep nightmare-free for a change.

Paladin said...

It isn't too late for you. My situation was a little different than yours, but I'm doing it and it isn't too late for me!

Here's a thought: other than the general direction, don't "plan" your life. Don't say "by date X I will have accomplished Y." Go learn something, develop yourself in a way you enjoy/find fulfilling. Opportunities will naturally emerge and they may be VERY different than what you would've imagined. You could wind up in a lifelong pursuit of something you aren't even aware exists.

Life only follows your plan if you do nothing. Without effort, you never rise above the basic biological function you get just for being alive.

Said it before: you've got some natural talent but it needs to be developed, honed. Cynicism comes naturally to you, I know, but allow yourself the possibility to believe that you can--with effort and the right help--be better.

Diacanu said...

I dunno, believing things just because I'd like to?
I got a lotta trouble with that....

Paladin said...

There are levels of belief.

Believing you passed your Spanish test because you expressed prayers to a cosmic Jewish carpenter who existed before the universe is not terribly supportable.

But believing that training and exercise will improve you is not a terribly big leap of faith. After all, it was through training and exercise that you gained the ability to speak, write, etc.

It's arrogance to think we know it all, and it's a tragedy to squander potential. But it's your life.

You may think because we human beings live short lives and then are gone forever, that how we spend our days doesn't really matter. I've had those days. But I truly think the fact that we're finite means we owe it to OURSELVES to see how much we can do in this brief interval of consciousness.

I don't mean getting your name on a monument or earning lots of money ('course, if that floats your boat, be my guest), but by surprising yourself with your own power. By learning something you never dreamed possible for you to learn. To see just what your boundaries are.

I'm at the age (a few years ahead of you) where no one considers me young (unless it's an older person being a little ironic) and, though I'm not yet old, I can see middle age coming very clearly. I'm starting to see options expire, opportunities vanish, paths close. And I'm someone who--in all modesty--has already accomplished quite a lot.

So when I hear you say it's too late for you, I just want to grab you, shake you, and tell you you're wrong. But if you hold to that position too much longer, you will gradually become right.

Diacanu said...


"You may think because we human beings live short lives and then are gone forever, that how we spend our days doesn't really matter".

Not at all.

I happen to think by pointing up all the ugly stupid things I do, I'm trying, if for no one else but myself, but hopefully it's helping others, to stare down cynicism.

Gotta go through Mordor to get back to the Shire, y'know?

But yeah, I hear what you're saying.
Trying to form a plan of attack for a sustainable positive mental attitude. but it's hard.

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