Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miscellaneous flicks 2.5- Pacific Rim.

Yeah, everyone I know was going nutzoid for this, so I tossed it in there.
If you remember, I wasn't going to bother with this, but...all right, I gave in.

Talked about it here a little bit....

Aaand, it pretty much delivered what it promised from the ads.
Nothing more or less, IMHO.

The pros.
  • It's robots vs. lizards.
  • The mythology of the robots/lizards is nifty.
  • It looks pretty.
  • Stuff blows up.
  • You can tell what's going on in the fights.
  • Ron Perlman.
  • Charlie Day.

The nitpicks (there are no cons).
  • Cardboard cutout romance subplot. (Didn't hamper things though)
  • Asian girl is demure stereotype. (Cute though)
  • Prick waving, towel snapping "Top Gun", bullshit among the pilots. C'mon, every flick with grunts has to do this?
  • Thin characters overall. Had a hard time caring.
  • And on that front...the comic relief guys had more heart than the main cast. I bonded with them way better. Their antics were the only fuckin' life-force I felt.
  • No, fuck it, the thin main characters are a con. CON!!
  • "Independence Day", ending you see coming a mile away.
  • Really? A half hour pre-credits sequence?

The overall...
I always tried to envision a live-action Transformers/Voltron/Robotech movie since I was 10, and it would have been this, not Bayformers. 
10 year old me would have loved this way more.
Alas, I'm not 10.

It's also Godzilla '98 if it hadn't sucked.

Now, people are geeking out on this a lot, and I think maybe it's cuz it's the first one out there that isn't a sequel, prequel, threequel, interquel, reboot, or remake.

But...sorry, I just liked Iron Man 3 better.
Characters were better.

I feel kind of sad inside that this didn't make me high.
It's just...okay, seen that.
From all the fuckin' hype, I was really hoping for that buzz.

Don't know why people are going absolute apeshit, don't know why they're justifying the cheese in this over the cheese in other ones.
Kinda mystified there.
Really, it's like "if you miss this one, you've missed THE movie of the summer!".
And "this is the one you've been waiting for!".
So, I was like "fuck, better see it then".
It's all right, but it's not "biggest movie of the summer!", good.
Wasn't "the one I've been waiting for".
It's "Independence Day", with fucking monsters.
It's fucking Del Toro, I was expecting so much more.
Maybe my expectations were too big, I dunno.

Writing this review depresses me.
I'm not THAT let down, but I'm let down that I was even let down, so it magnifies on itself.
It's not BAD.
It's not NOT GOOD.
It's not even mediocre.
It entertained.
I just wanted more.
From all the fuckin' hype, I wanted more.

Ah, well.

If I gotta rank summer so far....
Still Wolverine and Kickass to go.
Might head out to Wolverine tomorrow.

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Diacanu said...

Guess overall, I'm saying, lower your expectations for this.

The hype will destroy it for you.

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