Thursday, July 11, 2013

The pale blue dot rant.

One of the most liberating and joy-bringing things for me to contemplate, is how little human beings matter.
Warms my heart like a hug.

So, I thought I'd share.

Do you realize, that the Earth is basically like a grain of sand compared to our sun?

And that our sun is a booger compared to an average star out there?

The Earth is a dust speck in its own fucking solar system.
Nevermind the whole galaxy.
Compared to the galaxy, the Earth is next to nothing.
Compared to the entire universe, it's a vast decimal place.
Less than nothing.

So, anyone who has a big ego?
They're objectively wrong.
They lose, they're just fucking wrong.

All the fucking tinpot dictators, all the presidents, all the senators, the judges, the pope, and all his little henchmen, all the mullahs, all the idiot fucking celebrities, all the dumbass athletes, all the uppity stuck up snotty doctors, all the uppity stuck up journalists, all of 'em, wrong.

Everyone who's full of themselves is fucking wrong.
It's not a matter of opinion, the universe wins, they're scientifically, carved-in-stone wrong.
Colossally wrong.
Embarrassingly wrong.
Humiliatingly wrong.
Cosmically fucking wrong.
Cosmically wrong.

And if they're wrong, all the insecure pathetic nitwits chasing after that station in life, are fucking idiots.

All the ones willing to throw their convictions under a steamroller to get there, they're not just wrong, but doing it for absolutely nothing.
So, they're REALLY fucking idiots.

All the people that grovel and suckle up to those people are even more of a bunch of fucking idiots.

All the people in your life who ever beat you over the head, and told you were a bad person for not striving to be these fucking people, you guessed it, they're fucking idiots too.
I don't care if they were your parents.
I'll flat out put it to you this way; your parents are stupid, and wrong about everything.
I'll repeat it for clarity.
Your parents are stupid, and wrong about everything.

And that's the "legitimately", famous!
Imagine what I think of fucking reality TV people!!

Now, this doesn't mean I hate celebrities.
Many of them seem quite pleasant, and would probably be great to hang out with.
I just won't bow and scrape to them, or treat them like fucking messiah figures.

No one deserves the messiah shtick, sorry.
No one.
Not Jesus, not Oprah, not any of 'em.
Fuck 'em.
Fuck anyone who tries that shit around me.

More fundamental than that, no one's fucking "worth more".

Now, at the same time that I respect that we're just a speck of dust in a ray of sunshine, I also realize, that as animated sapient clumps of atoms, we're the universe contemplating itself.

To my way of thinking, that obliges us to explore that universe to properly do our job.
So, our ultimate destiny ought to be to become an interstellar space faring race.
Or, fucking die trying.
And, that's a whole other rant.
You may have seen it before, but there it is again.

Sooo, as you can imagine, I don't hold in anything resembling a high sense of esteem, anything that hinders us from those appointed rounds.

And everything about "the American way", fucking is that.
The nationalism, the superstition, the bullying, the cowardice, the greed, the proud ignorance, the lies, the propaganda brainwashing, the fear-mongering, everything I've ranted about elsewhere.

It's not hard to find in the archives, you've seen it.

So, that's the vantage I look at it from, and that's why I'm completely disconnected from all of it.
I have no stake in it whatever.

I realize, I make my own meaning, I contain everything I need for my happiness, all this external bullshit is just this big ad campaign that makes someone else that isn't me more empty fucking profit.

I'm totally divorced from it.
Can't relate to it at all, don't want to.
Done trying, was done with it years ago.

And it's fucking bliss.
I recommend it highly.
I think it's the wave of the future.

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